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From: "Maureen" <>
Subject: [Lon] Occupation 'windster'
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 14:29:42 +1100
References: <003801c3db08$e18de520$2e5732d2@i0l4o7>

I was looking at the The Proceeding of the Old Bailey and out of
curiosity I did a Keyword Search and came up with 9 hits.

It would appear to be an occupation associated with the silk industry.

Doing a Keyword Search in The Proceedings of the Old Bailey

Jonathan Strong . I am a weaver by trade; I have known the prisoner
about 7 or 8 months, she is an engine windster, that is, she winds silk
for weavers; she did live in my house, ...........

I have known Mary Abbott between eleven and twelve years; she always
bore a very honest character; I am a silk windster; ........

Ann Cole. ........ I am an engine windster, in Spicer-street,
..........., when I returned the prisoner was gone, and had taken my
apron, a flat iron and eight ounces of silk out of the drawer.

I live in Spicer-street, Brick-lane; I am a four-swift engine windster:
last twelfth day the prisoner worked with me; on the next day, while I
was gone to the warehouse, she went away, and I missed five ounces of

I am an engine windster. ...............

I am a windster by trade, a weaver by rights, only I have no work to do;
I am a married woman, I live in Webb Square, Shoreditch, in the lower

Court. What is your mother? - She is an engine-windster by trade.

I am a silk windster ; I work for Mr. Taylor ................. I have
known the prisoner between two and three years, he is a weaver.

I am an engine windster. ...................

Hope that helps,

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