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From: Eve McLaughlin <>
Subject: Re: [Lon] FUSSELL Orphan
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2004 18:03:06 +0100
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thomas fussell <> writes
>Hello Listers,
>Further to my earlier listing concerning the death of my great-grandmother
>Elizabeth in October 1858 and what might have become of her daughter, also
>Elizabeth, then aged six years and nine months.
>I do know that the family have a relationship with the Parish Church of
>Haverstock Hill through marriages, baptisms etc.
>Would the Parish have been likely to take any responsibility
Handling the poor was taken out of the hands of individual parishes
(i.e. the civil organisation of the parish, not the church) in 1834.
Thereafter, the Bioard of guardians and the union was in charge - and
the likely move would be to send the orphan to the workhouse (unless a
relative who could afford to do so intervened).

>to have any record of the events? At what age would children have been
>accepted into workhouses?
infancy onawrds. Probably she would be sent to the children's home
associated with the workhouse. LMA should have all the surviving

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