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From: "Stacy Herring" <>
Subject: Information for all
Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 22:54:43 +0100

In regards to the NetSky worm, I have had this virus sent to me on many
occasions. It is particularly nasty as it sends emails to everyone in your
address book without you having to push a button! The sender is the victim
NOT the attacker. They opened the attachment just like many of the emails
asked. It comes in many forms and I suggest that getting a good email virus
checker programme as it should tell you and contain the message.

This is not the only threat at the moment the biggest problem is the email
fraud scams also known as Nigerian 419 scams (because of their origin and
content). I had another today addressed to me with a surname from my
research ( Dear Wolff ancestor). They have obviously been getting our email
addresses from family websites. If you get these log onto the met police
site and you can forward the email or letter to them as the fraud squad is
investigating them. You can also report them to their internet service
provider by putting abuse@ then the providers address ( ie )
they then shut down the account.
We all get unwanted email but some people actually reply to these emails in
the hope and innocence that they are legitimate
I appreciate that this message isn't directly linked to London or genealogy
but as a keen family researcher on the web I think everyone should know
about it and help the fight against the fraudsters.
Apologies for taking up your time and Thank you for reading this email, but
I feel its something we should all know as it is happening to people
Best Wishes and happy researching
Stacy Herring

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