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From: "Jeanne McC" <>
Subject: Re: [Lon] Wartime memories
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 18:43:36 +0100
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The V1's.......probably the worst torture on earth.
One night we heard one approaching....I (at 8yrs old) dived for the
"Morrison" shelter in our sitting room....Mum was getting my baby sister out
of her cot to the top of the stairs.....V1 stops - right
overhead!!! Mum's knees like jelly....freezes.........V1 starts up again
and goes on it's merry way. Big relief (understatement) all round...then
guilt because although *we* were O.K. some other poor ****** got it. Ring
any bells?
Jeanne (now safe, thankful and in the depths of England's beautiful country)
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Subject: [Lon] Wartime memories

> The only night we spent in our air-raid shelter was the only
> night of the Blitz when there was no raid.
> It was designed for six persons but we had eight and our dog in
> there. One, a mad French woman friend of my mother, who had been
> asked to vacate her flat in Loughborough Road until an unexploded
> bomb was dealt with. She had been told to bring only a few
> essentials with her. She arrived with a blanket and her cat.
> Another was a lodger, black-satin clad and with long spidery
> fingers who spent the first half of the night snoring and
> breaking wind. My father, whom she fancied, crept out in the
> small hours to be closely followed by the snoring lodger.
> The next morning my mother awoke and felt a hard lump of
> something on the top of her head. A very excitable and
> imaginative woman, she thought we'd been bombed and were covered
> with rubble. It turned out that she, and I, had a cake of candle
> grease on our heads, caused by the constant drip of the lighted
> candles on the ledge above our heads.
> We had to have our hair de-greased by the mad French woman, using
> an iron and brown paper whilst our hair was stretched out on the
> kitchen table.
> I, being a child, thought this was all quite entertaining. The
> thought, now, of what adults had to endure, makes me shudder.
> BUT, we were never ill, we didn't have time.
> That was WW2. In WW1 a neighbour of my mother's family, in
> Rosebery Avenue Islington, was also knocked up by the police as
> there was an unexploded bomb nearby. When she opened the door she
> was stark naked. "My good woman" they said "go back and put some
> clothes on."
> She went back in and then re-emerged wearing a hat and shoes.
> Question. Was it fear? Or was she a middle-aged wannabe
> lap-dancer?
> Josi K.
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