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From: "Barbara Wessinger" <>
Subject: Mina ... pronunciation
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2004 07:10:38 -1000

Hello again,
In my London ancestry and farther down the line there are women with the given name of "Mina".
I have always assumed the pronunciation to be with a short " i " as in minnow or minute.
Recently I spoke with someone who had an aunt Mina and she said the family always used the long " i "I
as in "might" making it "Myna". I was shocked! That is the name of our bird "Mynah" :-)
But I'm willing to be corrected and since the Minas in my family are long gone I cannot ask them.
Any others out there with this name in your families? How do you say it?
Barbara on Maui

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