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From: "David Dixon" <>
Subject: Re: [Lon] Marriage Settlement
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2004 17:43:24 +0100
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Hi Bob

Quite often these were a purely informal arrangement, but sometimes there
was a legal document involved.

Parents would sometimes "settle" an amount of money on a daughter at the
time of her marriage.(It was normally paid direct to her new husband, like a

The idea was that she was getting part or all of her inheritance, in

This would sometimes be reflected in a legal document in which the recipient
acknowledged that when the parents had both died, the dauhgter had no
further claim on the parents' estate, and the estate would be divided
amongst the other children who had not already received their share.These
papers tended to be kept in family personal documents, so a lot have not

By way of example the following is from the will of Lucretia LANFEAR (nee
BURBIDGE) signed 3rd December 1842 and proved 21st June 1848. (A distant
cousin to my wife's family).

"My late dear husband on the marriage of our daughter Mary with Mr John
Herbert settled and paid to him a sum of seven hundred pounds by way of
marriage portion. Now I hereby bequeath to my dear children Eliza Tanner,
Thomas Lanfear, Clara Lanfear, Martha Jane Lanfear and William Burbidge
Lanfear a legacy of seven hundred pounds apiece in order to make them equal
with their sister Mary."

Hope this helps to clarify

All the best
Dave Dixon

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Subject: [Lon] Marriage Settlement

> Hope some one knows about these.
> One of my ancestors left a will in which he referred to a marriage
> settlement.
> What would such a settlement normally cover?
> Why would one be necessary?
> As it presumably some form of "legal" agreement, is it likely that there
> would be an archive somewhere?
> Thanks & Regards,
> Bob

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