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From: Paula Goodfellow <>
Subject: BMD Certs online, ever?
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 15:43:43 -0700

I just got my copy of the new edition of Mark Herber's Ancestral
Trails, and he mentions the upcoming changes in information that will
be allowed on recent BMD certificates which has been discussed here. He
also mentions that perhaps soon one will be able to view the actual
certificates for older BMDs right online, to reduce current costs. Is
there any actual possibility of that happening in the near future? This
would be wonderful, since I'm trying to sort through a very large
family in Southwark. (Luckily they were considerate enough to have a
very distinctive surname, but ordering all the certs is still going to
be very expensive.

And, a relative of mine went to a talk about doing British genealogy
and she thought that the speaker said one could search the entire GRO
indexes free now, and she thought they meant online. I'm thinking that
either the speaker meant FreeBMD which is not complete? Is there
anything else that this person could have been talking about? Thank
you, Paula

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