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From: "colleen morrison" <>
Subject: Re: [Lon] Dating Old ostcards
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 00:58:43 -0000
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I only know little about postcards outside my areas, you will need to find a
collector of this specific area, assuming its not one of mine, nad I don't
think it is. Where was it sent to - and any idea where from? Rotary
Photographic Series were a series of pcs produced of stage stars and
celebrities etc, maybe they did general portraits too. I'd like to see a
scan - and have the address, please. I'm off to bed soon, but will have a
look tomorrow if it comes through too late.


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From: "Mary Brettell" <>

> Unfortunately, the postcard has no stamp or postmark on it - that would be
> too easy, wouldn't it?
> The front of the card has a photo of a baby (sans clothing and sitting
> upon
> a cushion) and a verse by "Willmer" with the title "Baby's First Birthday"
> It has a number - 8.116-4 and "Rotary Photo E.C."
> The back says "Rotary Photographic Series" along left edge
> Along the top it says "Printed in Britain" "POST CARD" "The
> Address
> only to be Wirtten Here"
> On the bottom line "This is a Real Photograph"
> I can send a scanned copy.
> Thanks for your help.
> regards
> Mary Brettell
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> From: "colleen morrison" <>
> To: "Mary Brettell" <>; <>
> Sent: Monday, January 17, 2005 10:25 AM
> Subject: Re: [Lon] Dating Old ostcards
>> A number of clues can help with this. If the card has been posted but you
>> can't read the date on the postmark, you can date the pc quite accurately
> by
>> the date the stamp was issued and in use. This is often a very good guide
> as
>> it frequently gives you a date within a range of between 2-10 years -
> thanks
>> to our changing monarchs and changing postage rates during the reign of
> the
>> monarchs. I'm a collector, so I can help with this if you have a stamped
>> card.
>> You can also date pcs by looking up the date the publisher or
>> photographer
>> of the pc was in operation - using the trade directories.
>> Pcs without postmarks, stamps or publisher's names can also be dated if
> they
>> have serial numbers, as many did. A knowledgeable collector of pcs from
> the
>> specific area the photo on your card depicts - I collect certain parts of
>> Essex and a few other areas - may be able to help you. With experience,
>> collectors learn to recognise publishers' and photographers' printing and
>> photographic styles and their preferred locations and so on. A collector
> of
>> a specific area has the added advantage too that they can use other cards
> in
>> their collection to compare with undated ones. I have a number of early
>> cards without dates which I've managed to date to specific periods
>> because
>> they are early parts of a long series and the dates of later cards in the
>> series help to date the earlier ones.
>> There are also clues in the photograph of some pcs. When did the place
> shown
>> in the photo look as it does in the picture? When did the windmill lose
> its
>> sails, when did people dress as they do in this picture? A collector
>> who's
>> looked at a lot of cards from one area is also likely to have developed
>> an
>> eye for recognition of clues specific to that area.
>> Is your pc stamped? Where is it from. A bit more information may help.
>> Colleen
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>> From: "Mary Brettell" <>
>> > Could anyone please advise how I may date an old postcard please?
>> > I am trying to ascertain the birth of the person to who a card was sent
>> > and need an approximate date to conduct the search.
>> >
>> > thanks
>> >
>> > Mary Brettell
>> > Researching: BRETTELL, DYER, DREW, HAWES, REIGH in and Around LONDON
>> > and
>> > the Midlands
>> > CUTTLER, RAVEY in Manchester
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