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Subject: Child Witnesses
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 11:40:58 EST

Hiya Listers,

My 3x great-grandfather, Joseph SCRINE, married the daughter of his first
cousin (!), Louisa Catherine SCRINE, on 16 February 1886 at St Barnabas Church
in Islington. The witnesses were Sophia Jentle and Reuben JENTLE. Sophia
was Joseph's oldest child from his previous marriage to Eliza SHUTE so no
problem there. Sophia married Reuben Herbert George JENTLE in 1876 at Islington
so at first glance the other witness would appear to be her husband *except*
he died in 1880 so Sophia was a widow in 1886. This means that the other
witness must be her son, Reuben Herbert George, who was born in 1878.

My question, therefore, is: is it possible for a seven year old to have
acted as a witness at the marriage of his grandfather?

Does anyone know where the law stood in 1886 as far as competency of
witnesses stood?

Does anyone else have an example of a child acting as a witness for a BMD


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