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Subject: list of HMS ships.From 1871 census
Date: Sat, 21 May 2005 06:00:49 EDT

this is a list of the HMS Ships from 1871 census locations as of midnight
april 2nd 1871.
NAME OF SHIP / TYPE some are more descriptive LOCATION.some are just at
ref RG10/5779

HMS Adventure (store ship ) at HONG KONG
HMS Antelope at Constantinople
HMS Avon ( gun vessel ) lashed alongside bank at european ?

HMS Barbarosa ( 6th rate screw corvette wooden )anchored at Singapore
HMS Basilisk (sloop 6th rate wooden) at sea LAT 18.14.S Long.25.51. N
HMS Beacon ( gun vessel ) at Rio De Janerio
HMS Blanche ( 6th rate wooden ship ) in Bass Straits Australia
HMS Boxer ( gun vessel ) at Vancouver Island
HMS Bristol ( wooden frigate 4th rate) anchored at Funchal Bay Madeira.
HMS Bullfinch ( dble screw gun vessel ) at Bombay Harbour.

HMS Cadmas( wooden 6th rate corvette )at sea. LAT 16. 56 LONG 60.23
HMS Caledonian (ironclad frigate ) at Naples. Italy
HMS Chanticleer ( sloop ) at anchor in Callas Bay Peru.

Ref RG 10/5785
HMS Cherub (gun boat )north americas/west indies LAT.24.17. N LONG
66.43. W
HMS Cockatrice( gun vessel )Mediterranean dockyard creek Malta Harbour.
HMS Cockchafer ( gun boat ) china Yung River Ninoppo?
HMS Columbine (sloop) East Indies at sea. LAt1.10 N long 44.10.E
HMS Cossak (corvette wooden screw )East Indies at sea lat 18.31. W long
92.55. E
HMS Cracker (gun vessel 2nd class ) S.E. Coast of Americas at sea lat 43. 10
S long.63.50W
HMS Crocodile ( troopship indian. troop ship service )at sea lat 37.20.N

HMS Danae ( 6th rate ) N americas/West indies in dock Bermuda.
HMS Defence ( 4th rate iron clad. ) Grand Harbour Malta,
HMS Dove ( gun boat ) China YANG TZE KUANG
HMS Dwarf ( gun vessel ) Hong Kong
HMS Dyad ( sloop )East Indies at Sea lat10.46 N long 61.2. E

HMS Eclipse( 6th rate ) N. Americas/W.indies at sea lat.9.50.N Long 58.54.W
HMS Egmont (4th Class receiving) stores ship )Harbour Rio dE Janeiro
HMS Elk (twin screw gun vessel ) japan. moored in Yokohama Harbour
HMS Enterprise (armour plated steam sloop) . Mediterranean at the Pireus of

HMS Fawn ( steam sloop ) Pacific at sea lat 6.45 W long 81.50 N
HMS Firm ( gun boat) china alongside the Naval Yard Shanghai
HMS Flora ( coast guard) Harwich Reculver
HMS Fly ( Gun vessel) N. America Halifax Novia Scotia
HMS Forte ( 4th rate frigate) moorings in Bombay Harbour,
HMS Frances (cutter to HMS Hector coast guard Cruiser) Newhaven/ Brighton
in the bay
by Dungeness light S.W.4 miles.

HMS Galatea (frigate) captain HRH Duke of Edinburgh lat.22.22S long 25.8. W
no other details given but 34 pages of crew.
HMS Gladiator (paddle wheel frigate 6th class) S.E. coast america at anchor
Montevideo Harbour.
HMS Grolwer ( iron vessel) at Gibraltar Bay

HMS Hiternia ( 3rd rate) mediterranean Dockyard Creek Malta
HMS Hornet ( gun vessel) china/japan moored in River off Shanghai

HMS Icarus ( steam sloop) Hong Kong
HMS Immortalite (ist class srew wooden frigate) lat 16. 30.N long 67.33W at
HMS Industrial (gun boat) n america at anchor off Nasau New providence.

another section to follow.
hope these help someone,

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