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From: "Judy Lester" <>
Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2005 09:24:25 -0000
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Peter, most Government papers regarding convicts and their transportation
are at TNA under the series code HO (= Home Office). There's a useful online
Research Guide on this subject, which links to the appropriate catalogue
entries and will give you some leads for searching.

London, UK

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From: "Peter Strauss" <>
> I have been trying to put names to the 3 children (1 M & 2F) Sarah LYNCHEY
> (convict) brought with her to Australia on the Mary III which arrived in
> Sydney in 1835.
> A correspondent on the Isle of Man where she, and a son Thomas, had been
> sentenced has found handwritten copies of the letters sent to Whitehall,
> one of which says that the children's names were noted in the margin.
> The documents at the Manx Heritage Museum are handwritten copies of those
> sent to Whitehall and the clerk has not noted the children's names in the
> margin although probably they were on the original.
> These letters were indexed GL4/96, GL4/53, GL36, and GL 37 in a letter
> that he sent me recently although his book, "Never to Return" has
> references without the GL but with a prefix 9191/11/...
> I have looked at the TNA site but there are so many categories I have no
> idea where to start. Could SKS give me some pointers?
> It possible that copies of the original (Whitehall) documents may also be
> held somewhere here in Australia and I am trying, so far without success
> to locate where they may be held.
> By the way this book, written by Hampton Creer, is very interesting and he
> has tried to cover all Manx people who were transported to the Americas
> and to Australia. Starting with an ancestor in the 1600's, sent to Jamaica
> who lived on the same farm near Douglas that he lives on today. It is
> available from the Manx Heritage Museum and I think all up including
> postage it was less than AUD40.
> Cheers
> Peter Strauss
> Melbourne

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