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From: Alice Josephs <>
Subject: Re: Family Tree Website
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 19:35:31 +0000
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> From: Charani <>
> Date: 7 November 2005 11:44:46 GMT

> colinsharon balaam wrote:
>> Hi All, Can any expert out there give me any advice on setting up a
>> website to include my family tree? I would appreciate any help as I
>> am a bit of a novice !
> I'm a novice at such things too but I've just got myself some free
> webspace with Rootsweb. I haven't really gone into it atm.
> A lot of ISPs give a webspace allocation but I don't think all
> btinternet and/or btopenworld accounts do.
> Have you considered buying your own domain from someone like
> They provide hosting too and all at a reasonable
> price. Firms like that often provide good support for getting sites
> up and running.

I'm no expert either but I have managed to create a family tree website
some years ago (I was amazed when I managed to do it!).

I use my Mac family tree software, a package called Reunion to set up
my family tree website. Very easy as you don't need any html skills.
Just need to know how to click on "Create Webcards". :-) The drawback
is that unless you know any html, you have to stick to the package's
templates but I have found the templates work perfectly well for me.
The main thing then, I think, is to make the wording on the homepage
as clear, welcoming and reader-friendly as possible and it's no bad
thing that there is a limitation on the number of words that you can
use on the template as it concentrates the mind wonderfully on a
succinct intro for the website. There did used to be a Windows
equivalent of Reunion called Generations, now discontinued, which may
be still available on ebay.

But perhaps others can say whether their family tree software packages
allow the creation of website html files for uploading?

I used free webspace at Rootsweb for a long time and still keep it up,
but,since getting my own domain name and webspace, I can now use
website space with the less unwieldy web address of Free website space addresses tend to be long
and unwieldy (although can be perfectly adequate - many previously
unknown relatives found their way to my Rootsweb website) and usually
don't have www in the address whereas your own domain name will have
www in the address.

As a bonus, I do find having my own domain name is useful, not least
because many postings on message boards are now defunct because I used
my old ISP email address. At least with my own domain name, I have a
one email address dedicated to genealogy which never changes whatever
the ISP, as long as I keep up the payments for the domain name.

HTML doesn't take long to learn, as far as I know, but it does take
time to compose the code for websites and there is lots of html
creation software which doesn't require HTML, some fairly cheap and
others more expensive. The general consensus is that it's still good to
know a bit of html in order to tweak things on a website but, as I've
said, I've found the files created by my Family Tree software fine.

It does help also to have a some software called an FTP client to
upload the files so that you don't have to upload the files one by one.
Again there's quite a few of these available.


Alice Josephs
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