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From: "Caroline Bradford" <>
Subject: RE: Re; [Lon] a "Lollard house" near Lambeth palace?
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2005 21:21:40 -0000
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Rothschild philanthropy was (and is) legendary and an institution as well
favoured by high society as Queen Charlotte's would have been very likely to
have benefited from their generosity. A quick Google search confirms that
Anthony de Rothschild was Hon. Treasurer of the hospital in the 1930s.

The story about your Gran (who sounds like a game old girl) illustrates a
good point about family stories. Families (and particularly grandparents
with wicked senses of humour) like to tease children with outlandish yarns
in response to their questions. All the grown-ups are in on the joke and
the more often it is trotted out and responded to wide-eyed wonder from the
little ones the funnier they find it. Some kids (like you) eventually
recognise the joke, but others never do and pass it on as family history to
confound later generations!

I hope you find your grandfather (if you haven't already done so) - whoever
he was I bet he had a full complement of limbs!

Best wishes

> I have found my fathers birth cert. and it says he was born at Queen
> Charlottes Hospital, St. Marylebone in 1912. I wonder if the Rothschilds
> made grants to this hospital. Hence it was a joke to say Lord Rothschild
> was a godfather. When questioned about who was my grandfather, Gran would
> reply " A one legged organ grinder " !!!!!!
> Ron Bowyer

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