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From: "James King" <>
Subject: RE: I am gutted!
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 11:59:11 -0500
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It would be tragic if the symbol of London disappeared. I think that the
double decker is more easily identified with London than Trafalgar Square or
the Changing of the Guard.

As a side note, a family favorite on the tele was and still is On The Busses
with Reg Varney. Rumour has it that the series is available on DVD in
England, just a few video cassetts are available in Canada at this time.

My dad spoke of having to guide the bus through the fog on bad days. Usually
he rode it to work and home, but sometimes he had to walk in front so the
driver knew where the road was.

James in snowy Ottawa
Where they just put the double deckers to bed for the winter, an open upper
level just doesn't attract tourists at minus 30 centigrade.

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From: PentonyGraham [mailto:]
Sent: 4-Dec-05 6:36 PM
Subject: I am gutted!

Just seen on our TV news London double decker buses will soon be history,
except a few for visitors... guess people will now offer to buy them! There
are a few out here in NZ!!

They are no longer passenger friendly, more and more people cannot climb on
them, wheelchairs... disabled.. sad sad day for me and others!

I just love the big reds... came on the scene 50 years ago...

Sorry not in the normal gene..listings.. but its a sad end to the lovely
buses! My old number was 137 to Crystal Palace via Streatham, 49.
159.133..38... just a few of my old numbers I used from time to time!!! oh
yes No.2 to Norwood!

Ex Streahamite. now a Kiwi.


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