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From: "William Ralph Michael Lavis" <>
Subject: LAVERS timeline B (from France-England-Newfoundland-Canada & United States)
Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2006 16:50:25 -0600

Sent for any interested LAVERS family on this list;

Thanks Again,
Bill Lavis, 44 years age

I found out there was a certain Christopher LAVERS
born 1556 in Brittany, France.
Christopher Lavers father and mother (including certain uncles and
an older brother): were falsely placed amongst the Huguenot
movement (Protestants).

August 1572...
It is said, during the night, that this LAVERS family left the area of
St. Malo , France, around August 1572, with that which they could pile
into a (unknown size fishing boat), and escaped into the
British Channel Isles, Jersey. Here at first they were housed in crypts
(as undertakers in grave tombs).

It is said, Queen Elizabeth 1 set up certain
manufacturing grants. Those who had trade skills were supplied
with raw materials from England, which they made into finished
goods and sold back to England. These LAVERS were leather
dressers, making gloves and other leather products from goat
and sheep skins.

Christopher LAVERS' father and mother died around 1615,
and is said to be buried on the Jersey Isles.
When Queen Elizabeth 1 had died, the grants were cut
off to the Channel Isles. Around 500 refugees, including
this LAVERS family, were then ??? farmed out to England.
Christopher LAVERS and his family moved to (Totnes)
Tatness Castle, Devonshire, England between 1620-1670.
Here they remained as tenants of a land and tradesmen.

1. Christopher also called Nicholas LAVERS - IGI
{ matches Nicholas leLIEVRE of France.
only that his father Pasquier, didn't go to
Channel Islands; Michel went there.
Christopher's father/mother died 1615.
Said to be buried on Jersey }.
x Johan_ ???
i. William Christopher LAVERES c. 1580-1590 Jersey
ii. Lucas LAVERS x Amia Luscombe
iii. Robtus LAVERS
x 1st. Agneta Scobell
x 2nd. Margeria ???
i. Humphridus x 1st. Alicia Prowse
2nd. Mariannae
i. Michaell
x Susan Venning
ii.-vi. 6 sons/daughters
ii. Johes
iii. and several daughters
iv. Emling LAVERS x Thomas Drew
v. Richus LAVERS x Katheryn Cosyn at Ugborough
i. Joha x Johes Roger
ii. Henricus LAVERS x Elezebtha HODGE
at Ashburton, Devon
i. ? Austen
x 1st. Thomson Steven/Steere
2nd. Margaret Fox
ii. ? Petrus x Alicia(e) Prowse
iii. Crispiunus x Sicilia Parsons
certain descendants not connected
here because of length
iv. Elezebetha
v. Richus
vi. Henricus x Johanna Frauncis
parents of Petrus, father of
Peter x Mary Jewland parents of
Abraham x Susanna Finch parents of
Anna x William Shallabear
all of Ashburton, Devon. Most names are
not connected here, because of length.
iii. Maria x Johes Mills
iv. Robtus x Elizabethe Byre

2. William Christopher LAVERES x Mary Ronlon 1595-1621
i. Mycaell x ??? several sons/daughters
ii. Lowis x Margery Pulman
iii. Flower x Walter Blackhaller
iv. Agnis x William Torrin
v. Roberte x several sons
vi. Marye
vii. Cornelius William LAVERS c. July 4, 1631
viii. Joan

3. Cornelius William LAVERS x ???
NOTE: I found a Henry LAVERS who married a Agnes SMYTH
on July 4, 1654 in Totnes, Paignton and Brixham
according to the IGI.
i. William
ii. Janey
iii. Elizabeth
iv. John
v. Christopher Henry c. April 18, 1681 Totnes, Devon
died aged 94 in 1774 at Dartmouth
NOTE: Cornelius William LAVERS was a seaman and navigator
assistant on one of the vessels that landed
Overlord William 111 at Torbay, England.

4. Christopher Henry LAVERS x Katherin DAVIS
Sept. 13, c. 1718
i. Jane x William Butland
ii. Henry Christopher b.1705 Totnes c. May 8, 1718
iii. Eliz
iv. Mary

5. Henry Christopher LAVERS x Susanna COLTO
Sept. 4, 1744 all born in Totnes, Devon, England
i. William John b. c. March/April 3, 1745
d. c. Nov. 5/15, 1779
ii. Anne b.1746 m. Mr. Blackall
iii. Elizabeth b.1749 m. John Butler
iv. James b.1751 m. Linda an Irish woman - they moved to
London, England. James became a flour and book merchant.
called the uncle of Lindon (or Hindon)
and his wife Linda had:
i. William left Plymouth, England 1790-1835
and went to Toronto, CANADA was employed
in a fire insurance business.)
ii. Ann m. Mr. Jeffe ???
iii. Jane m. ???
iv. Robert army colonel m. a Portuguese woman.
v. Sarah b.1753 d. 1756
vi. Mary b.1755 d. infancy
vii. Sarah b.1757 m. Mr. Ashewick ---
several of their daughters went to Italy
and married Italian men
viii. Jane b.1760 m. Mr. Richards.

A) William John LAVERS
x Elizabeth Jane EVANS (VENNING)
c. 1745 Yealmpton, Devon a Quaker
d. 1788 Bristol, England
Feb./April 9/11, 1766 St. Michael's parish,
Bristol, (Gloucester), England
(Quaker religion stated their marriage was made by Bishop's license,
rather than Banns a procedure followed by Nonconformists to avoid
the embarrassment of having to appear in a church for the reading of
Banns on 3 Sundays before the wedding).
clergy B. Penrose
witnesses: John Holbrook and Edward Kendrick
Their children were: all born Totnes, Devon
I. William George LAVERS c.1766 d.1851 Halifax, N.S.
II. James John LAVERS b. c. Jan. 2, 1763/1767
d. Jan. 25, 1830 Plymouth, Yealmpton, England
III. Elizabeth Jane bapt.1768-1770 x Mr. Jeffe(s) or Lewis
IV. Mary b.1775 d.1824-29 x age 16 Mr. Charles Greenwood
they had:
carriage maker at Bristol, England
shipbuilder at Bristol, England.
NOTE: William John and his family later moved to Kent, England.
After he died in his mid-late 30's, his wife Elizabeth Jane
brought their children back to Bristol, England.
Where they were christened, and are recorded in the:
Bristol Friends Meeting records.
The children were raised up by their uncle, James LAVERS,
called the uncle of Lindon (Hindon) in London, England.
Including the GREENWOOD-LAVERS sons,
Thomas and Henry.

x Mary Rennels (Reynolds) they had: all born in Totnes
a) William Henry LAVERS 1783
b) George LAVERS 1784 ( returned to England x Elizabeth)
d) Richard W. LAVERS - 1786 Modbury, Devon
x 1. Fryphosa ELLIS
x 2. Nora
e) ??? 1787

William George LAVERS and his brother James John LAVERS:
were then employed by the Hudson's Bay Shipping Company
about early spring 1789.
By 1790, they came across the Atlantic about a wrecked vessel in
Quebec, CANADA: The vessel they were on went aground within the
Straits of Bell Isles. They went to French Cove in a dory.
William George LAVERS could'nt find a vessel back to England
so he went to Halifax, Nova Scotia....."
NOTE: I have found French Cove. At that time, the area of Cove's,
including Flowers Cove, didn't go by those names.
The area was called French Island Harbour.
Seal Islands was called French Island or Cove.

William George LAVERS married three times:
1st wife was Sarah Jane LEWIS they had:
i. Christopher John William m. Catherine L. MacDonald
ii. William Henry m. Susannah Robertson ( it is said,
certain descendents of William Henry Lavers:
David Lavers, John Leander-Lavers, Thomas R. Lavers,
Danielena Harvie, Andrew Harvie, John C. Reid,
William Lynn and Jephla Purcell
--- struck a gold mine in Alaska or Los Angeles, Hollywood,
California. Also worked for a Hollywood Studio.)
iii. John James LAVERS-BLISS m. Hannah Brown(Furlong)
2nd. wife of William George LAVERS was Eunice Eliza DICKENSON
i. George Edward x Mary Ann Lynch
ii. Thomas LAVERS-BLISS x Margaret Ann Fuller
iii. Christopher Philemon
iv. Sarah Eleanor x Peter SHAND private - WILL
v. Philemon LAVERS-DICKSON x Jane Eliza Ingraham
The estate went to Philemon LAVERS-DICKSON ---Private Property.
?** needs more research.
vi. Christopher Charles x 1st. wife Catherine Lynch
x 2nd. wife Susan Preson
vii. Henry x Mehetabel Mercy Harding
viii. Eliza D.
ix. Edward Alphard
3rd. wife was Margaret MacDonald no children born or recorded.

James John LAVERS-LAYVES settled at Port au Croix, then the
family moved to Port Saunders, NFLD.

James John LAVERS and his wife Mary RENNELS brought with
them - William Henry; George and John LIVIS-LAVERS, etc.
misunderstood census at: should be 1808 not 1838
(1839 Census - Bonne Bay to Savage Cove-Port au Croix from
Totnes, England - settled at Port au Croix,NFLD and had 5 children
7 in the family - Fishing and protecting property of the
French during Winter)

There was a distant cousin of William George LAVERS and
James John LAVERS whose name was John Newman LAVERS
who settled at Prince Edward Island.

John LIVIS / LAVERS x August 21, 1818 -
Roman Catholic Basilica, St. John's , NFLD
Eleanor BYRNE
John LAVERS listed in 1840 - Bird Ledger Forteau, Labrador
their children were:
1) Alban LEAVIS(LAVERS) b. btn. 1825-1835
1st. wife ???
2nd. wife Amelia Marie (Mildred) YOUNG
(in fact was not YOUNG. Amelia Marie was a leJEUNE:
a Mik'mac Aboriginal indian) b.1839
daughter of Henry Young and Susanne Duffney (also indian descent)
m. abt.1850-1860
Alban LAVERS died while drowning with one of his sons at
Point Riche, Port au Croix, NFLD
they had:
1a) William Jesse LAVERS b. March 1860 Port au Croix
x Elizabeth Haynes ??? Port au Croix
i. Alban born March 25, 1885 d. March 30, 1948
ii. William C.??? c. 1886
iii. Arthur M.??? c. 1887
iv. Robert c. 1899 m. 1st. wife Joan Wells
2nd.wife Nora A. Kelley
v. Winnie m. Henry Thatchell ???
vi. Jesse ???
vii. Agnes ???
1b) Arthur Thomas LAVERS b.abt. 1871 Bonne Bay
m. Agnes Helen Rhumbolt children:
i. Isadore m. Mary Ann Pilgrim;
ii. Rachel m. William J. Coles
iii. York m. Clara Ann Cordeau;
iv. Sherlock,Sr. m. 1st.???
2nd. Minnie Simyard;
v. Macavoy m. Cora Genneaux;
vi. Gertrude m. ???
1c) Rachel LAVERS b.abt.1872 Bonne Bay
m. 1897 Grande Terre Adolphe Rivala (children ???)
1d) Josephine LEAVIS-LAVERS
x 1st. William Sullivan
x 2nd. Emmanuel Caines
x 3rd. John Scanlon
1e) Margaret LAVERS b.abt.1878 Port Saunders
m.1899 Halifax,N.S. Michael Supple
1f) Roseanne(a) LEAVIS b.abt.1881 Port au Croix m. John Gould
2) Ellen Elizabeth LEAVIS m. 1st. ??? Labbe 2nd. John Reuben Caines
3) William Henry LEAVERS(LAVERS) b.1838 ??? died .1908
x 1st. wife Elizabeth they had:
i. Mary Louise LAVERS b.1866 Gargamelle, NFLD d.1929
m. Henry Arthur Rhumbolt
x 2nd. wife abt.1860-65 Catherine Lanergan b. c. 1853
daughter of John Lundrigan (Lanergan) they had:
i. John LAVERS-EVANS b. Jan.1874 Port au Croix,NFLD
d. Aug. 10,1953 Port Saunders
land: Private Property / WILL
x Frances Rake / Raike
ii. Alice Maud LAVERS b.Oct.1874
m.1907 Nova Scotia - Francis Jess Mee ???;
iii. Teresa Catherine LAVERS b. 1877 Port Saunders
iv. William Joseph LEAVERS b. 1878 Port au Croix
m.1st. wife: Sophia Rhumbolt
m. 2nd.wife Elizabeth Pilgrim
v. Henry J. LEAVERS b.1880 Port au Croix
died young in a fishing accident.

Alban LAVERS-LEVIS m. Mary Jennifer Frampton they had:
i. Margaret Gertrude LAVIS
+1st. Ken Doleman =
Joseph b. July 4, 1955\
Ralph SHEPPARD ( 1st. : Fanny Parks =
Rhoda m.Mr.Radziej -
James Michael -
Gayle m. Mr.Mattie)
ii. Annie Lavis m. Jack Kelly
iii. Agnes Lavis m. Lloyd Noseworthy
iv. other sons/daughters not listed here

Margaret G. LAVIS + 2nd. Ralph SHEPPARD
aa) Patricia Ann(Sheila) m. 1]Ken Tarbett
( they had: a) Jennifer E. m. Darren Caines
divor. then remarried
b) Patrick B.)
2]Don Payne
now divor.
3]Bill ###
ab) William Ralph Michael
b. July 5, 1961 East Curling, Corner Brook, NFLD
moved to Toronto

William Ralph Michael ABBOTT, Jr.-LAVIS

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