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From: Christine Read <>
Subject: [LON] Streatham Cemetery, Garratt Lane,Tooting - kind look-up please
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2006 05:39:31 -0700 (PDT)


I have an uncle whom I never knew (his sister - my Mother - was only 10 when he died as a young man) and I have only recently found where he was buried. (After he died in 1931, sadly no-one talked about him which is why I am only now finding info about him).

My uncle Gordon Sinclair is buried in Streatham Cemetery, Garratt Lane, Tooting in grave space or vault number 322, Class H, Block 5 "in the consecrated portion of the ground".

I am living in Cornwall and disabled so cannot get to London (and am not likely to be able to) so I wondered if anyone was living nearby Garratt Lane, Tooting, could they please have a look for me to see uncle Gordon's place of burial and possibly transcribe any headstone details if they exist.

I am also a little concerned about the idea that some places are keen on re-using older graves for new burials and intend turning any headstones round and re-inscribing new details of those they want to now bury in those graves. I have two concerns here, what are they going to do with the person/people already occupying those graves - because if they are going to move them, how will we find out about this? And my other concern is that a couple of older relatives have now expressed a wish to be buried with uncle Gordon (there apparently was room for a couple of family members also) but if this new idea of placing those recently unrelated deceased into older graves happens/has happened in Streatham Cemetery, how can we carry out our relatives' wishes if someone else has already been placed in my uncle's grave?

So, if someone is kind enough to have a look at my uncle Gordon's grave, please can you also let me know if there is anyone else there with him (as there should not be yet) and if a headstone has been erected there in place of his or that his headstone has been turned round.

I do hope this isn't too big an ask but I would be so very grateful to have someone check on him as I just cannot do that.

As a matter of interest I have a lovely photo of uncle Gordon aged 23 (in his last year) sitting astride his recently new motorbike (bought to visit a girlfriend in Southend) and he is looking very happy. This is hanging on our living room wall and its so nice to see what he looks like and that he is no longer not mentioned.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me regarding my request.

Warmest regards,
Christine Read
London OPC Committee Member

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