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From: "Tony Savery" <>
Subject: [LON] Am I related to the missing soldier?
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 14:10:09 +0100

Hello all.

Could someone please help me to find a link to a missing soldier.
He was lost on Hill 70 during the Battle of Loos in France, 25th September 1915.

His name was Jimmie TAYLOR, machine gunner with (possibly) the 8th Seaforth Highlanders battalion.

Writing from the front after the battle, my grandfather, William G. TAYLOR, referred to Jimmie's mother as being Aunt Annie, so he was almost certainly a relative and probably a cousin.

My grandfather mentioned him in many of his letters including telling of how he repeatedly enquired at Jimmie's battalion as to his whereabouts.
There were many different stories including him being wounded or captured.
After three weeks my grandfather concluded that it was almost certain that he had not returned from Hill 70 and was most probably dead as he had not been seen since the first day of battle.

I would like to find the link to my grandfather, William Gladstone TAYLOR.

The common ancestor I think is his grandfather, William TAYLOR born 30 Jun 1806 in King Edward, Aberdeen.
He married Margaret Forsyth born born 24 Aug 1820 on 27 May 1843 in St.Andrews Lhanbryde.

Their children were:
i. PETER TAYLOR, b. 06 May 1844, Linkwood.
ii. JOHN TAYLOR, b. 16 Nov 1849.
iii. ALEXANDER TAYLOR, b. 22 Sep 1851, Inchbroom.
iv. THOMAS TAYLOR, b. Abt. 1852; d. 02 Jan 1887, London.
v. MARGARET TAYLOR, b. 25 May 1857, Elgin, Moray; d. Abt. 12 Dec 1946.
Vi . JOSEPH FORSYTH TAYLOR, b. 04 Mar 1861, St. Andrews Lhanbryd; d. 14 Dec 1937, Brentford, London.
vii. WILLIAM TAYLOR, b. 01 Aug 1838, Elgin, Moray; d. 22 Apr 1911, Dunedin, OTG, NZ.

Children born to JOSEPH TAYLOR and FRANCES JUTSON in Marylebone, London.
i. MARGARET J.6 TAYLOR, b. 1887.
ii. ELSIE FORSYTH TAYLOR, b. 18 Apr 1889.
iii. WILLIAM GLADSTONE TAYLOR, b. 18 Apr 1891; d. 18 Jun 1961.
v. EDITH OWEN TAYLOR, b. 1897.

I would be delighted if someone could find a connection between my grandfather and this soldier.

Best wishes,

Tony Savery

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