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From: "Ron Lankshear (Sydney Aust)" <>
Subject: Re: [LON] Who is Fred Wentay - Handwriting help please 1851 census
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 19:41:41 +1100

Thanks Sally
You've confirmed WENTAY exactly as Ancestry and I read it and others
have said so too

Thanks to Everyone who responded - Maureen , Sarah, Robert, Shirls, Ann
and Di
My WERNDLY was a complete red herring - I am sure glad I asked the List

Scenario - this schoolmaster comes visiting but is drunk and mumbles
something which one of the bright kids reckons was WENTAY

Anyone work out what a 10yo like my great grand mother Jane KING might
have thought sounded like it was spelt WENTAY. Now I know she was bright
- every census she got her age right on versus her husband John EAGLE
who gave so many ages he was born 1832 to 1837

Thank you everyone

Ron Lankshear - many Links at

Australia Day in Sydney has been fantastic and the fireworks still to
come - I went to the vintage car parade and I get so hot

Taylor Sally wrote:
> That is a tough one. I went to my 1851 CD's and compared handwriting to
> other legible names...
> The first letter definitely a "W" as he writes "WATSON" on the next page in
> the same style.
> Second letter seems to be an "e" as he has not dotted is like his "i's"
> The fourth letter does seem to be a "t" as it is pretty much the same as the
> "t" in "WATSON"
> As for the last letter, in looking at his other lower case letters that
> contain down strokes, it seems he leaves a straight tail, which he does not
> do for his "g's" and his "p's" have a significant upstroke. In looking at
> how he has written "Emily" and other names with lowercase "y's" this last
> letter does appear to be a "y"
> Of course, none of this solves anything, except for to say that the
> enumerator was transcribing off of a handwritten card which apparently was
> not clear to him either. Presumably the subject himself did not write his
> own entry on the household return- as a school master we can hope he wrote
> legibly!

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