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From: "John Henley" <>
Subject: Re: [LON] General advice - France family
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2007 18:08:53 -0000
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hello Jack,
In answer to your latest
1] It is, but I stick by my words in my [2] below
2] Were these 4 all Endell St.? Or do they indicate that the family moved around? If so, more reason for checking the unindexed parishes - if you cannot get to the LMA/Westminster Archives, your nearest LDS family history centre can get the films in for you, except poss. St.Giles. Many of my ancestors moved around the same area - I have found siblings baptized and married in disparate parishes.
3] Good :-)
4] Go to the London Metropolitan Archives site for online search of the Middlesex Archdeaconry wills - they hold more than are indexed.
You should also (if you have not already) use Search at the Access to Archives site - google for "A2A" . France alone as search term will produce too many hits, so you will have to use "Robert France" or whatever Christian names you have, or "France with undertaker or picture frame or cabinet or maker.
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Hi John
Yes, it is FRANCE the undertakers, but before that, they were cabinet makers to the King in the 18th and early 19th centuries.
They are my direct ancestors.
1] Is it possible to be 7 years out on your age in those days?
2] I've found another 4 children to John & Elizabeth - William, Edward, Clement and Elizabeth, but no Robert.
3] I think I've got all the Frances in the area at the time of the 1841/51 censusues.
4] I've got the wills of John, his brother William, Robert, wife Sarah and another, William Beckwith France all from Documents Online at the National Archives. Might there be others somewhere else?


Jack Ross

In a message dated 27/01/2007 13:48:23 GMT Standard Time, writes:
Is this FRANCE the undertakers?
To your specific query:-
1] Age errors, as you say, are not at all uncommon at this period.
2] The Robert baptized at the Lying-In Hospital 1765 may have died young, to
be replaced by another Robert in 1771-2
Have you checked the IGI for other children born to John & Elizabeth? Either
at the Lying in Hospital or surrounding parishes - St.Anne [Soho]
Westminster, St Martin in the Fields, St James [Piccadilly] Westminster,
St.Pancras are all on the IGI, St.Paul, Covent garden, St.Martin in the
Fields, St.George Hanover Square are not. I am not sure about St.Andre
Holborn, St. George the Martyr and St.George Bloomsbury.
3] Have you checked the 1841 and 1851 censuses for all the FRANCE
individuals and families in the area? Eliminating some these is often
4] Have you checked for FRANCE wills say 1750-1850 where there may be clues
lurking [PCC wills at TNA site, some Middlesex wills at the LMA site].

John Henley

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