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From: "Katherine McLeod" <>
Subject: Re: [LON] William Crofts
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 14:52:03 +1100
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Hi David,

In the 1891, it looks like William's wife Annie and their 3 mth old son
William are lodging in Chelsea (surname indexed on Ancestry as Croft).
Ancestry has transcribed most of the rest of the household as Bluestone, but
it may possibly be Gladstone (ie, Annie's family).

Based on his occupation, there's a couple of options for William himself:
William Croft, aged 22, born Hoxton, pawnbroker's assistant, boarding with
Charles Knight in Battersea; or Wm Fredk Croft, 22, born Hounslow,
pawnbroker's assistant, with his employer in St Luke (although both are
given as unmarried - whoever gave the information may have assumed, since no
wife was to be seen). Say if you need any of the images.

Have you tried this birth?
Births Sep 1868
CROFT William Edward Bethnal Green 1c 274

Someone will doubtless correct me if I'm wrong, but from vague memory,
Bethnal Green is not a million miles from Kingsland... it's a rare person
who gives their birthplace exactly the same on every census (eg, Annie above
says Euston on 1891, St Pancras on 1901 - same but different!). I'd probably
give the birth certificate a go.

I'd also regard the "Solicitor" with some suspicion until evidence shows
otherwise... but then, I've had solicitors in my bunch who have wound up in
debtors prison, and there could be much I don't know about the social status
of pawnbrokers back then :)

I'm out of time, so no checking of other censuses... I'd recommend searching
for the name as Cro* wherever you can, since it's also likely to turn up as
Cross, among other stranger possibilities. It also helps us help you if you
give information on the other family members (wife and children) that you
know about - easier to think/search laterally that way.


On 30/01/07, David Smith <> wrote:
> Hello
> My first excursion into the mysteries of the mailing lists, so if some
> of my etiquette is wrong, I apologise, please let me know.
> We are looking for a William Edward Crofts who was born about 1868.
> However we cannot find any record of him prior to his marriage in 1890.
> This includes all the censuses including the 1891, births and
> christenings. The christenings researched are for the area of Kingsland
> London. All we know is:
> Born 1868 in Kingsland, London. From 1901 census where he is listed as
> /Croft/. Age 34 and a Pawnbrokers manager.
> Married in Sept 1890 in Kensington age 22 and a Pawnbrokers Assistant.
> Father also William Crofts, Solicitor. Again no positive trace has been
> found.
> Yes there are Williams Crofts in some of the archives researched but
> none with a father in the legal profession. Okay William jun. could have
> been trying to impress a future mother-in –law.

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