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From: Ron Lankshear <>
Subject: Re: [LON] Boarder/Orphan PERMAIN Children from Kensington livingin Wiltshire mystery!
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2009 10:20:30 +1100
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Very interesting

I assume you have seen all Birth certificates and
marriage certificates and there are no links to
White or perhaps Bailey as below?

I can see that G'child is only used in 1881 in
relationship and Boarder orphan in occupation and
then 1891 it is simply Lodger.
So could G'child be Godchild - I suppose what
checks did enumerator make.

Elijah and Martha also looked after other children
in past.
These non white also in the house
Edward Bailyabt 1860 Corsley, Nephew
Henry Bailyabt 1856 Warminster, Nephew

Fanny Bailey abt 1845 Corsley, Sister-in-law
Henry Baileyabt 1856 Corsley, Nephew

It could be a valuable service to people placed
like William and perhaps there was a way to

Ron Lankshear -Sydney NSW (from London-Shepherds
try my links

S J wrote:
> Hi List
> I'm hoping someone may be able to help explain three of my Kensington,
> London born PERMAIN children living in Wiltshire on the 1881 and 1891 census
> described as boarders, orphans and grandchildren. The grandchildren bit may
> seem like it should be straightforward but as far as I can tell I'm unable
> to link the WHITE family they are living with to either of their parents.
> Here are the two censuses....
> 1881
> Name Age
> Elijah White 65
> Martha White 58
> Annie Permain 7
> Jas. Permain 4
> Wm. Permain 2
> Source Citation: Class: RG11; Piece: 2055; Folio: 17; Page: 5; Line: ; GSU
> roll: 1341495.
> 1891
> Name Age
> Elijah White 74
> Martha White 67
> James Permain 13
> William Permain 12
> Source Citation: Class: RG12; Piece: 1609; Folio 16; Page 9; GSU roll:
> 6096719.
> James's parents were William PERMAIN 1836-1911 whose parents were Thomas and
> Elizabeth and Caroline BURFORD 1841 - 1879 her parents I believe to be
> Stephen and Ann, which rules out Elijah and Martha as the grandparents.
> It would appear the youngest PERMAIN, William was born in the same year and
> quarter as Caroline's death. They also had two older children who stayed
> with their father who was running a boarding house in 1881. I
> can surmise that William snr left with five children had trouble coping with
> the three youngest after Caroline's death, especially with the boarding
> house.
> Would anyone know why the three youngest may have ended up in Wiltshire,
> could they have been fostered or adopted out? Were there any instances
> around that time of sending children to another place if they couldn't be
> cared for at home, maybe rather than them ending up in a workhouse etc??
> Any ideas, information or theories welcome.
> Many thanks
> Sarah

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