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From: "Jane Kelly" <>
Subject: [LON] Red Cross archives. 1st World War
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2009 13:24:24 -0000

Hi all,

I saw a BBC news item which referred to a British historian finding a wealth of information about First World War burials previously thought to have been lost. Produced by and kept at the Red Cross headquarters in Geneva, these 20 million records describe the capture, death and burial of servicemen from over 30 countries, describing exactly where they were buried, names, next of kin, down to even what was in their pockets.

Copies of this information, on fragile paper, was originally sent to the countries of the dead soldiers but lost in transit and over time so this was like opening Tutankhamen's tomb. It will be some years before the preservation can be completed and even longer until the transcribing onto computer can begin but what a great story.
I always knew that we find more and more about the past each year and this has been confirmed. They are calling for funds to help with the work involved.
I recommend this article to you.



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