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From: Anne Peat <>
Subject: Re: [LON] Richardson - All Souls
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2009 09:12:57 +0000
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I am sorry you did not take my reply in the spirit in which it was

It is always difficult with emails, because you cannot see the smile
and hear the tone of voice. That was why I put a smiley at the end -
perhaps you did not see that?

The query to which you replied was a repost to an earlier one entitled
' Help' which was posted early yesterday, and to which John Henley and
others apart from me replied. Perhaps we should also have pointed out
that the LMA has a research service - but then we cannot cover all the
possibilities - people do have to make some of their own decisions
about how and where they research.

I am sure we will all regret if you unsubscribe, but that is your

Best wishes

Anne : - ))

On 15 Mar 2009, at 08:51, Ingrid Clausen wrote:

> Anne,
> I am about to unsubscribe because of the kind of attitude displayed
> in your response to which I have already been exposed off-list.
> I have not seen your earlier response. I suspect that if Ron has re-
> posted, he has not seen either of our responses. I have not seen his
> re-post. As we have different ISPs I would guess that the rootsweb
> servers are playing up - this is not an unusual occurrence.
> Secondly I would point out that my reply explained how Ron could
> access All Souls records in New Zealand - his email address clearly
> indicates that is where he is from. Being told that records are in
> the LMA is less than useful to people on this side of the world.
> I will not be troubling this list any further.
> Ingrid
> On 15/03/2009, at 9:11 PM, Anne Peat wrote:
>> Ingrid,
>> Before you write answers to the list, it's always a good idea to
>> check that someone has not already answered with the same
>> information. Made more difficult in this case by the fact that the
>> OP has not taken notice of the previous answers and written the
>> query again with a different heading - but still the same question.
>> Had you checked back, you would have found that two of us, one of
>> them ( John Henley) being very definitely an expert, and myself who
>> does know quite a bit about London churches ( and am reasonably
>> local, since the direct route from the part of the London commuter
>> belt where I live goes into Marylebone, and most of my husband's
>> ancestors lived there ) had already answered this yesterday, and
>> pointed Ron in the direction of All Souls, Langham Place, which is
>> still a very famous and active London church in Marylebone; and
>> also in the direction of the LMA. ( London Metropolitan Archives)
>> where the records are kept.
>> I have just woken up, so I couldn't point this out before : - ))
>> Anne
>> On 14 Mar 2009, at 23:25, Ingrid Clausen wrote:
>>> Hi Ron
>>> Just until the local expert London researchers wake up, there was an
>>> All Souls in Marylebone, Middlesex which was est. in 1825. A
>>> possibility? See

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