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Subject: Re: [LON] Searching a census by address or RG ref.
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009 21:17:24 +0000 (GMT)
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Hi John

It depends on the "census provider".  If they have transcribed the address fields, then you will be able to search by it.  Ancestry have not transcribed addresses, so the only census you can search directly by address on their site is the 1881 (because they use the LDS transcription, which does include addresses, rather than doing their own).  FindMyPast, on the other hand, has transcribed addresses for most of their census offerings, so you can search in this way with them.  I think The Genealogist has them too. 

If you are locked into Ancestry, you can search manually for a particular address by browsing to the relevant parish, then working through the descriptions of the EDs until you find the right street mentioned, then browsing the ED page by page.

Does this help?


--- On Mon, 30/3/09, John Barbrook <> wrote:
From: John Barbrook <>
Subject: [LON] Searching a census by address or RG ref.
Date: Monday, 30 March, 2009, 10:22 PM

Hi all

Have I missed a trick all these years?

Some time ago, I saw someone advising an enquirer to search a census return
by the address. I assume they meant exactly that (and not just the PRO RG

I didn't know that facility existed - or does it? If it does, then why has
it eluded me? I have frequently wished I could - especially when knowing the
road (or close area) where someone lived, but because of name variant or in
order to find the married name of a female ancestor, a simple name search
has failed to turn them up.

Perhaps somewhere locked away from my imperfect gaze is an index for a
particular census that lists up by enumerator's area/district, at least the
RG references. How then - even if there is - can such reference be keyed in
to bring up the relevant page?

Any thoughts?


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