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From: Charani <>
Subject: Re: [LON] 1901 census.
Date: Mon, 08 Feb 2010 22:26:50 +0000
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I think a lot would depend on what questions the bride/groom was
asked. Since the both the bride and groom, in this instance, were
young, the incumbent wouldn't have thought to ask if either father was

The London parishes were so big it's unlikely the incumbent would have
known all his parishioners, so wouldn't have known if a father was
dead or not anyway.

There have been occasions reported where the father has walked out on
the family for another woman and the children get "payback by proxy"
by declaring him dead when they married.

Charani (UK)
OPC for Walton, Greinton and Clutton, SOM
Asst OPC for Ashcott and Shapwick, SOM

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