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Subject: Re: [LON] William ARNOLD, London & Kent
Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2011 22:07:11 -0000
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These nonconformist births were registered at Dr Williams' Library, a
research library in London which housed an early birth registry. The
registry was set up in the 1700s, long before the civil registration
process was introduced, to provide a means of recording births among
nonconformist families who did not wish their children to be baptised in
the Anglican church.

As you've noted, there are two separate series of records. Those in
RG4/4662 are the birth entries recorded in the register itself, while
those in RG5/61 are copies of the certificates of birth issued to the
parents at the time of registration (sometimes known as the Parchment
Series). All the records are now held at the National Archives, Kew.

The confusion arises because Dr Williams' Library was originally located
in Red Cross Street, in the parish of St Giles Cripplegate. The records
(or the indexes) may give the impression that the births took place in
Cripplegate, but in practice that is simply the place of registration.
Many of these birth registrations were retrospective, taking place many
years after the births.

For further information -- and a rather better explanation than the
above! -- try this excellent podcast from the National Archives. It can
be listened to online, or saved to your PC for later listening.


London, UK

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Searching through the England and Wales, Non-Conformist Record Indexes
(RG4-8) for William and Susanna ARNOLD, I find their 4 children listed
in two ways, and would like some clarification if anyone can explain for

There are two entries for each child. Record set RG4_4662 lists Mary,
Sarah, Thomas and William all born in Cripplegate, London, while RG5_061

lists them as being born in Sevenoaks, Kent. The parents and the
birthdates are the same for all children, so I'm sure it's the same
people. The family lived in Sevenoaks for a couple of generations after
these dates, although William and Susanna (nee CHAPMAN) were married in
London, and both listed as being "of this parish" on the marriage cert.

So ... can anyone enlighten me as to the Cripplegate connection please??

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