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From: Anne Peat <>
Subject: Re: [LON] Brick wall - searching for WELLER in London
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2012 17:23:43 +0000
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Looking through the FreeBMD deaths ( and it is difficult to judge as the death registration index in the early years doesn't have age at death) there are deaths which could be her in
Dec 1861 Weller Mary Guildford 2a27
March 1862 Weller Mary Horsham 2b179
March 1863 WELLER Mary Ann St Geo Han Sq 1a232
June 1863 Weller Mary Lewes 2b97
Weller Mary Edith Clerkenwell 1b377
March 1864 Weller Mary Ann Croydon 2a152
Weller Mary Ann St Giles 1b392
June 1864 Weller Mary Ann Stepney 1c363
Weller Mary Ann Dartford 2a184
March 1865 WELLER Mary Ann Brighton 2b181
WELLER Mary Ann St Geo East 1c3_5
WELLER Mary Leaver St Saviour 1d16
June 1865 WELLER Mary Elizabeth Bath 5c442

September 1865 WELLER Mary Jane E. Grinstead 2b71
WELLER Mary Margaret Uckfield 2b67

December 1865 Weller Mary Stockton 10a35

March 1866 ( wrong age) WELLER Mary 77 Poplar 1c523

September 1866 ( age several years out) Weller Mary 31 Bethnal Green 1c208
June 1867 Weller Mary Ann 34 Marylebone 1a324( possibility)
Weller Mary Ann 14 Henley 3a335

September 1867 Weller Mary 19 Woodstock 3a385
Weller Mary Ann 39 Hackney 1b236
March 1868 Weller Mary 43 Wandsworth 1d340

June 1868 Weller Mary 74 Lewes 2b97
September 1868 Weller Mary 79 Poplar 1c448
December 1868 Weller Mary 79 Poplar 1c448
March 1869 Weller Mary Ann 2 Maidstone 2a369
Weller Mary Ann 26 Birmingham 6d13
Weller Mary Jane 0 Wandsworth 1d367
June 1869 Weller Mary 73 Cranbrook 2a353
December 1869 Weller Mary 62 Tunbridge 2a327
Weller Mary 0 Birmingham 6d40
June 1870Weller Mary 42 Hollingbourn 2a379
September 1870 Weller Mary 83 Greenwich 1d484
December 1870 Weller Mary Ann 4 Whitechapel 1c248
Weller Mary Blanche 0 Lewes 2b107
June 1871 Weller Mary 6 Steyning 2b172
Weller Mary 25 Amersham 3a278
Weller Mary Ann 52 Faversham 2a435

Unfortunately it is a very common name! You have my sympathy.

You may think it is not worth pursuing some of these, since the age and the second name doesn't match, but I would try to check the original registers for mistranscriptions and where possible double check against burial records ( Ancestry has some of the London ones) Another possible mistranscription is that she might be under WALLER not WELLER.
You might also feel it is worth buying some of the early certificates where age is not given. I am assuming as she was a choral singer she might have travelled outside London and so have died elsewhere. Do you know if she travelled abroad - you might have to check the deaths at sea and overseas indexes.

If none of these avenues bring results, you might have to consider the possibility that she and her husband separated and the 'widower' in the 1871 census is a polite fiction to conceal this.

Hope all this is helpful and not too discouraging.

On 11 Mar 2012, at 11:38, Robin Hurburgh wrote:

> WELLER, Mary Harriett...born 1832 in London.
> Hello from Australia! I am researching my great great aunt Mary Harriett
> Weller (nee Lee).
> I have learned quite a bit about Mary, but I cannot find her death record.
> She is recorded in the 1861 census living with her husband Henry in
> London. She is a Choral Vocalist.
> The 1871 census records her husband Henry, as a widower.
> Where can I go from here?
> Any help gratefully received! Robin

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