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From: Ron Lankshear <>
Subject: Re: [LON] Edith Villa, Fulham
Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2012 18:40:23 +1000
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Well I assume Stables in Edith Villas which are
still there off North End Road near West
Kensington Station

I note one place on census is called North End

The gentlewomen well I note several around on
those pages. Perhaps enumerator was of a happy
1851 James was Ag lab - Susan Char woman
and Charlotte a hat maker

Could they have come into money? Did enumerator
think Litchfield from Hertfordshire must be landed

Top left hand corner of this 1862 map
click at bottom for larger map

Ron Lankshear -Sydney NSW (from London-Shepherds
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On 2012-04-03 2:26 AM, Margaret Cambridge wrote:
> My gr gr grandfather, James Litchfield, died in 1860 at the age of 65 at Edith Villas Stables, Fulham, MIddlesex.
> In 1861 his widow, Susan, daughter Charlotte and 2 nephews are found living at Fulham, Coach House with rooms over. Susan and Charlotte are transcibed as 'Gentlewoman'.
> Firstly, ........does anyone have any knowledge of Edith Villas stables? I have googled with no success.
> Secondly,......why would Susan and Charlotte say they were gentlewomen when they were the wife and daughter of a stableman?

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