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Subject: Re: [LON] William ASHLEY
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2012 20:55:42 +0100
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Hello Ann,
----- Original Message ----- From: "Ann Moore"
<>> Hi, Can anyone help me please?
> > I cannot find William ASHLEY’s birth or his name on any census with his
> > family.
Have you checked Baptisms?

> My Grandfather, John ASHLEY and his family were born in London.
> Kennington, Lambeth.
> > Their names are Jessie, James, Richard, Alfred, John, [my Granddad] &
> > William. [who I cannot find]
> Both Richard and William were killed in WW1
> William ASHLEY was born in Kennington, Lambeth in about 1889 ish. I have
> sent for a birth certificate, Jan-Feb-March 1889 in Lambeth. However…I
> have John’s birth 9thNovember, also 1889. [I suppose it’s just possible to
> have 2 children same year?]
Possible, and also William may have been born December and registered in
Another possibiity would be an informal adoption - possibly from a relative:
did either parents have sisters?
> William was killed in Mesopotamia on 30.09.1916. He was with Queen‘s Own
> [Royal West Kent Regiment.] Number L/9335
Have you found his service records? Remember to go backwards from the first
page Ancestry lands on, if it's there, as well as forward, until you reach
the next soldier in each direction, as sometimes the "landing" page is in
the middle of the records.
> The 1891 Census has all the children except William living at 10, Stoney
> Street, St Saviour, Lambeth.
> The parents are James ASHLEY and Louisa S. STEPPINGS.
He may have been in hospital - try the Great Ormond Street site, just in
case, tho' plenty of other hospitals.
Or with a relative.

> James and Louisa married in February 1882 [Banns] James had been widowed
> and Louisa was a “Spinster.” I could not find another marriage for James
> though.
> I cannot seem to find a single document, with Williams date of birth or a
> census, where he is listed with the family.
What of the 1901 census?
Consider mis-transcriptions - ASHBY for ASHLEY immediately springs to mind -
there will be other possibilities, as well as just initials if in an
If ataying that night somewhere else, he may have collected the Head of
Household's surname, inadvertently.
> I would be so grateful for any suggestions please. Many thanks Ann
> . I have found the other children, in the schools admissions and
> discharges but again, I cannot find William., we have the military details
> in frames on the wall. Handed to us from our Granddad. So we know William
> exists.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Kind regards,
John Henley

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