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Subject: Indian traders just before FR@INDIAN WAR
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Went to rootsweb.com's archives [?] attempting to retrieve FAITH Keahey's
articles on Edglington,as he was neighbors of my BROWN et al colony at
Weirton WV-nw Wash Co,Pa .Couldn't,but got this list that includes
GEN McIntosh-1778 FORT MCINTOSH on Ohio River at Pa-Oh line.

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Subject: Indian Traders


Here is some information which might help you.

Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1999 02:18:44 -0500
From: "John J O'Melia" <>

Subject: [CherokeeGene-L] EARLY INDIAN TRADERS - Early Traders 1750-54

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Subject: [TNGREENE-L] Early Traders 1750-54
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I thought I would forward this great work that was posted
on the longhunters List by Linda EATON.

Her particular interest is in Indian traders, who often
had Indian families. She put together this Carolina list, derived
from William McDowell's Colonial Records of South Carolina: Documents
Relating to Indian Affairs 1750-1754. Please don't contact me for
more info... I have none.


John Warren

Licensed Traders to the Cherokee from Carolina (1750-1754)

James Adair
The Augusta Company
James Baldridge
Charles Banks
William Bates
James and Thomas Beamer
Samuel Benn
Robert Bunning
John Butler
Cornelius Daugherty
Anthony Dean
David Dowey
John Downing
John Elliott
Robert Emory
Robert Goudy
Ludowick Grant
(first name not given) Haines
John Hatton
John Hook
Bernard Hughs
Bob and John Kelly
Anthony L'antignac
John McCord
David McDaniel
David McDonald
William McDowel
James Mackie
William McTeer
James Maxwell
James May
Daniel Murphy
Joseph Oliver
Bryan Sallamon
Abraham Smith
Richard Smith
John Williams

Licensed Traders to the Creeks from Carolina 1750-54

Ephraim Alexander
the Augusta Company
Isaac Barksdale
(first name unknown) Brown
Patrick Brown
Rae Brown and Company
Nicholas Chinery
Daniel Clark
John Coller
(first name unknown) Cossens
Samuel Elsinore
John Eycott
(first name unknown) Fitz
Stephen Forrest
George Galphin
James Hewitt
George Johnston
John Kennard
John Ladson
(first name unknown) McCay
Lachland McGillvery
George McKay
Lachlan Mackintosh
Alexander McQueen
Timothy Millin
(first name unknown) Nowley
Moses Nunes
John Pettycrew
John Rae
Peter Randle
Walter Rode
Acton Rowley
William Sludders
John Spencer
Joseph Wright

Traders to the Savannahs, Carolina, 1750-54

Enoch Anderson
Richard Anderson
William Anderson
John Anderson
(unknown) McKinnie

Traders to the Catawbas

Robert Steel
Robert Tool
Mathew Toole

Carolina traders to the Chickasaw, 1750-54

John Buckles
John Campbell
Cambell and Maccartan
Jeromy Courtonne
Courtonne and Brown
John Highrider
Robert Vaughan

Carolina traders to the Choctaw, 1750-54

John Buckles
John Nellson

Mentioned by the records McDowell was working with as
interpreters to various Indian groups but not as traders (1750-1754):

Mary Bosomworth (a Creek woman married to a colonist)
Edward Broadway
Robert Bunning
James Gaddes
James Germany
Mr. Kelloch
Joseph O'Connor
Aaron Stevens
Samuel Thomas
William Thompson

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