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From: Larry W Johnson <>
Subject: Re: Early Looney's In America
Date: Tue, 01 Jul 1997 18:19:46 -0500

In looking at some of the documents I have in my possession, there
appears to be more than one document by Leroy W. Tilton which he
titled "Early Looney's in America".

I have one which inside the first page titled "Forward", it shows
"1963 Edition". It is about 26 pages in length and only covers
Robert and Elizabeth and their children.

The second I received while visiting my daughter in Denver last
summer. It has the same title, was typed by Leola Hessom for
Leroy Tilton, and covers only the Robert Jr. Line and is 117 pages.
It attempts to cover the first 6 generations in this line.

The third is titled "The Looney Family in America", does not
indicate who put this together, but does identify Leroy Tilton
and his supplying of notes to Elizabeth Looney. It contains
a large amount of data on all the Looney Family with some records
being identified, but contains questions as to who specifically
the data pertains to (court house type records). This appears to
be several groups of documents placed together and number about
113 pages total.

It is my understanding that there may be documents such as noted
in the second instance above which were ducumented for each child
of Robert Looney Sr. There may be a seperate document for Peter,
David, Adam, etc. If you know of these, please share info with
the group.

NO, I'm not going out and make 100 copies of each of these! Life is
too short for that and I'm not interested in the money.
I would like to do as I suggested in an earler message, get individuals
to type a number of these pages into computer text files so we can
consolidate and share them. Think we can get this together and
make it work?

Larry Johnson

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