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From: Lee <>
Subject: Re: LOONEY New Pension Application Found
Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2008 21:23:31 -0500
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Hi Donna,

That's good information on Absalom Looney Jr. By reference to MDC Vol
II, p. 700, this James Harbison was the husband of Ann Looney, sister of
Absalom Jr.

For everyone's info, here is a great site that has many, many
Revolutionary War pension applications available online:



donna gagliano wrote:

>I have a pension application regarding the same area of the Rev. War. My gggg-grandfather James Harbison entered the war from Botetourt, VA., Virginia Militia. I have a copy of the original handwritten application signed by James Harbison. His friend and later his brother-in-law, Absalom Looney Jr., joined at the same time.
>>From the text: He entered the service under the command of Capt. James Robinson the faul before the battle of the Cow Pens, served six months, he volunteered in Botetourt County, Virginia, and marched from there to North Carolina, and passed through the Moravian toures (or towns )& Salisbury, thence to South Carolina, and was within a days march of the battle of the Cow pens - He there passed on through Kings Mountain and ____ to Ramsours Mill, crossed on the ___ in the night. Then near Ramsours Mill joined Morgans Regiment, from thence he marched to the Gland -ford on Catawba river. >From thence he marched down the river to what was called the ____ford on the Catawba river and heard the firing of the guns at the time General Davidson was killed on Catawba river, he thence marched to Salisbury in North Carolina, he there marched to what was called the Gland ford on the Yadkin river, he there was in a small battle with Pulesh and Capt Hauley was
> taken prisoner - There we marched into Virgnia on the Dan river when we were discharged, he thinks the discharge was signed by Major David Campbell, but does not recollect, which discharge has been lost. He recollects Lieutenant James Taylor, Absalom Looney, John Hawkins, James Mathers, Michael Ohare, William Reynolds & William Walker, they volunteered at the same time & served with him and were discharged at the same time."
>He was about 17yrs old when he volunteered, and 69 yrs old when he made application in 1832. I have seen on other correspondence in the file that he joined in 1780.

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