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Hi Shirley and all,

According to the Old Pendleton District, SC Database, I find the
following information. I hope it is helpful. A Gedcom is available for
the entire database. Visit:

Descendants of Joseph LOOPER - 3 Mar 1999


1. Joseph LOOPER1 was born about 1745 in Cumberland Co.,
PA. He died in Pickens District, SC. The family arrived in SC from
NC about 1785-89

He was married to Sarah PHARIS (daughter of Absalom PHARIS
and Nellie UNKNOWN) before 1765. Sarah PHARIS1 was born
about 1745 in Cumberland Co., PA. She died on 24 Mar 1829 in
Pickens District, SC. Joseph LOOPER and Sarah PHARIS had
the following children:

+2i.Joseph LOOPER.
+3ii.Samuel LOOPER.
+4iii.Jeremiah LOOPER Sr.
+5iv.Rachel LOOPER.
6v.daughter A LOOPER1.
7vi.daughter B LOOPER1.
+8vii.Daniel LOOPER Sr.
+9viii.Solomon LOOPER.


2. Joseph LOOPER1 was born in 1765 in NC. He died on 9 Apr
1858 in Old Sisco Farm, Overton Co., TN. He was buried in Speck
Cemetery, Overton Co., TN. He was a Pioneer farmer/hunter.
1790: Pickens, near father 12100
1800: Pickens page 274 21010 20010
1820: Not present in Pickens County
1830: Overton CO TN 207
1840: Overton CO TN 008
1850: Overton CO TN #879

He was married to Mary MAGNESS about 1787. Mary
MAGNESS1 was born about 1772 in NC. She died in 1859 in Old
Sisco Farm, Overton Co., TN. She was buried in Speck Cemetery,
Overton Co., TN. She was a Pioneer farm wife. Joseph LOOPER
and Mary MAGNESS had the following children:

+10i.Magness LOOPER.
+11ii.Samuel Addison LOOPER.
+12iii.William LOOPER.
+13iv.Joseph LOOPER.
14v.Unknown LOOPER1.
15vi.Unknown LOOPER1.

3. Samuel LOOPER1 was born about 1770 in Iredell Co., NC. He
died in 1845 in Hokes Bluff, Cherokee Co., AL. 1800: Pickens
252, 20010 10010
1801: 31 Jan: William Asher to George Keith, 300 a Dowdy's
Creek, bound Samuel Looper, Enoch Smith, William Crane. Witt:
J MacKay, Samuel Looper who made oath 11 Oct 1802 (Pendleton
1810: Pendleton 287, 22010,21020
1820: Pendleton 223 220101 11001
1830: Pickens #1128 00111000010000 0110100100000, 2 slaves,
lives adjacent William Skelton, age 50-60, who lives with his
1830: 8 Mar: Samuel Looper appraised land of John Freeman
1866: Estate of Samuel Looper. Box 89 #943. Probate Judge
Office Pickens Co. Est admr 12 Nov 1866 by Mary J Looper widow.

He was married to Mary "Polly" JONES (daughter of Daniel
JONES) about 1795 in SC. Mary "Polly" JONES1 was born about
1772 in SC. She died about 1840 in Cherokee Co., AL. Samuel
LOOPER and Mary "Polly" JONES had the following children:

+16i.Nancy LOOPER.
+17ii.Samuel LOOPER Jr.
+18iii.Elisabeth "Betsie" LOOPER.
+19iv.Joseph Washington LOOPER.
+20v.Jeremiah LOOPER.
+21vi.Ellen LOOPER.
+22vii.Henry "Henson" LOOPER.
+23viii.Polly Jane LOOPER.

4. Jeremiah LOOPER Sr1 was born in 1775 in Iredell Co., NC. He
died on 25 Mar 1861 in Dacusville, Pickens Co., SC. He was
buried in Looper Burying Ground, Pickens Co., SC. He was a
Farmer. Head of Household - Pickens 1830, 1840 Census

1800: Pendleton 260, 00100 00100
1810: Pendleton 144, 10010 30100
1820: Pendleton 223, 210001 22010, near William Skelton
1830: Pickens #1842, 0111000100000 021001000010, 5 slaves
1837: Moses Hendrix land bounded by Daniel Looper, Jeremiah
Looper (A:29)
1839: Negro Trial Case (Pack 82, No.6) Esli Hunt states that from
information of one of his tenants, that a negro man named Kin, a
slave of Jeremiah, Sr. did on 26 instant on his own free will and
against the interest of sd Hunt went into the creek, cut and threw
out an obstruction which sd Hunt had placed there in to keep
ditches from filling up with sand, so that bottomlands of sd
plantation would not overflow with water.
1850: US CENSUS/Eastern Div Pickens Co SC:
Jeremiah Looper/73/M/Farming/Value Real Est 4000/born
NC/can read/write
Mary " /70/F/ SC "
1856: Feb 22: Will of Jeremiah (Pickens Book 2: 36-7)
1860: US CENSUS/Pickens Co SC:
Jeremiah Looper/84/M/Farmer/Value Real Est 4000, Personal
23,200/born NC Samuel " /45/M/born Pickens NC
Sarah J " /27/F/

1860: 27 Apr. Keowee Courier: Died, near Dacusville, in Pickens
Dist.,SC, April 1, 1860, Mary Looper, wife of Jeremiah Loop, Sr. in
her 78th year.

1861: Obit KEOWEE COURIER, Walhalla SC Apr 20 1861: Died,
at the residence of Mr. John A. Robinson, in Pickens District, on
the 25th of March last, JEREMIAH LOOPER, SR., in the 85th year
of his age. The deceased was a native of the District, and
commended himself to his friends and neighbors, throughout his
long career, by the most exemplary conduct. He had been a
member of the Baptist Church for about thirty-five years, and was
sustained in his last illness by the consolations of the religion of
his blest Savior. The deceased leaves a large circle of kindred and
devoted friends, who mourn their loss as his eternal gain.
1861: Advertisement KEOWEE COURIER Apr 20 1861:
Will be sold, at the residence of John A. Robinson, on
Tuesday the 7th of May next, the entire PERSONAL ESTATE of
Jeremiah Looper, senior, deceased, as follows:
A girl, about 13 years old, and a man about 24 years old. One
Mare, Bed and Furniture. Terms - On a credit of twelve months,
with note,interest and approved surety.
April 15, 1861

1861: Jeremiah's estate administered by sons Joseph and
Thomas (Box 57, No. 625). Filed 29 Mar 1861. LOA 15 Apr 1861.
Sale: 7 May 1861. Buyers: William Turner, Reddin Rackley,
John A Materson, Joseph Looper, Thomas Looper, J A Robinson.

1862: May 10: Paid heirs (9), ea $257.37: Sarah Julian, John A
Robinson, Reddin Rackley, Jeremiah Looper, R Braswell, Thos.
Looper, Joseph Looper, Skelton Heirs (7) ea. $36.76, J M Smith,
William Skelton, Elisha Skelton, David Duncan, Matilda Hughes.
One Looper heir not named, probably Samuel, decd; 2 Skelton
heirs not named. Samuel leaves his interest to his brothers and
sisters and Skelton heirs. He had no children.

Mary Jane (Polly) FOREST1 was born in 1782 in Edgefield District,
SC. She died on 1 Apr 1860 in Dacusville, Pickens Co., SC. She
was buried in Looper Burying Ground, Pickens Co., SC. Jeremiah
LOOPER Sr and Mary Jane (Polly) FOREST had the following

+24i.Eleanor LOOPER.
+25ii.Matilda LOOPER.
+26iii.Joseph LOOPER.
+27iv.Rutha LOOPER.
+28v.Samuel LOOPER.
+29vi.Mary "Polly" LOOPER.
+30vii.Rev Thomas LOOPER.
+31viii.Elizabeth "Betsy" LOOPER.
+32ix.Sarah (Sallie) LOOPER.
+33x.Jeremiah M "Jerre" LOOPER.
+34xi.Solomon LOOPER.

5. Rachel LOOPER1 was born about 1783 in NC. She died in Jan
1820 in White Co., IL. She was buried in Garrison Family
Cemetery White Co., IL. James Garrison Jr was the second son of
James & Hester Ann(Roberts) Garrison. His father was a
Revolutionary War Soldier from North Carolina who, according to
his pension application, was born in Frederick Town, Pennsylvania,
in 1747 and who died in Greene County, Illinois, in 1841/2. His
mother was the daughter of William & Rosannah Roberts of Surrey
County, North Carolina. James Jr was born about 1776 in Wilkes
County, North Carolina. His father first appears in the area in the
1774 Surry County tax lists. Wilkes County was formed from
Surry in 1777|. In 1778, James Garrison Sr entered 150 acres of
land on Pipe Camp Creek on the waters of Hunting Creek. This
area, south of present Wilkesboro, is even today wild and primitive
mountains with access through the Yadkin River Valley. The family
remained there until about 1792 when they moved to the Pendleton
district of South Carolina, settling along the Brushy Creek of the
Saluda River's west bank. Sometime after their arrival and before
1800, James Jr married Rachel Looper and they are in the 1800
census of Pendleton District near his father.

James Sr moved with his family to Barren Co, KY, sometime
before 1806 and James Jr seems to have followed as his daughter
Rachel was born in March 1806 in South Carolina and his next
child, Solomon Looper Garrison, was born in Barren Co in June
1808. Garrison land holdings were on the Green River near
Mammoth Cave in what is now Edmonson County but was then
part of Barren County James Jr's stay in Kentucky was short lived.
Illinois Territory was formed in 1809 out of the Indiana Territory and
settlers were invited. James Jr was among the first to accept the
invitation. He settled within the present limits of the town in Carmi
in October 1809 on the west bank of the Little Wabash opposite
the site of David Burrell's Mill. Carmi historians credit this as the
first such settlement in present Carmi. His sons later stated that
James often boasted that when he arrived there were only two other
white families between Vincennes and Jonestown. When the War
of 1812 broke out, the local Indians became hostile and James Jr
fled with his family across the Little Wabash to the Old Carmi Fort
and it was there that his son, Samuel, was born in December
1811. After the war, James Jr moved down into the forks of the
Wabash and purchased John Bradbury's improvement known as
James' first Carmi land was not registered as the new Illinois
Territory was determined not to make the same mistake regarding
Indian claims that had previously been made in other states. No
Illinois land holdings were registered until all Indian claims had
been settled and the area had been surveyed under the new federal
township survey system. It is also for the same reason that he
purchased Bradbury's "improvement" rather than his land when he
moved to Emma Township. After completion of the federal survey,
James formally purchased this land from the Shawneetown Land
Office with his first payment recorded on 10 September 1816.
continued to purchase land in Emma Township adjoining or near
his initial acreage and at the time of his death in 1845 had
increased his holdings from the original 80 acres to a total of 800
acres. After his death this acreage was transferred to his children
and most of it fell shortly thereafter into the hands of others. His
grandson, Alexander Logan Garrison, was born on the original
homestead and during his lifetime steadily accumulated all of his
grandfather's 800 acres. Alexander replaced James' original log
structure with a large white frame house which was an Emma
Township landmark still known as the Old Garrison Place until it
was finally demolished in the early 1970's. Rachel(Looper) Garrison
died in January 1820 from complications from the birth of their last
child, Joseph, some 10 months before. James remarried
Selah(Celia) Pearce on July 24, 1827. They had a child, John, who
preceded James in death. James died in March 1845. [Col
Garrison manuscript]

James GARRISON Jr1 (son of James GARRISON and Esther Ann
ROBERTS) was born in 1778 in Wilkes Co., NC. He died on 17
Mar 1845 in Emma Township, White Co., IL. He was buried in
Garrison Family Cemetery White Co., IL. Rachel LOOPER and
James GARRISON Jr had the following children:

+35i.William Looper GARRISON.
+36ii.Mary 'Polly' GARRISON.
+37iii.Rachel GARRISON.
+38iv.Solomon Looper GARRISON.
+39v.Samuel GARRISON.
+40vi.James GARRISON.
+41vii.Joseph GARRISON.

8. Daniel LOOPER Sr1 was born in 1789 in NC. He died on 3 Nov
1855 in Pickens Co., SC. He was a Farmer. Parents probable

1820: Pickens 223, 200010 10100
1830: Pickens #1640, 1111001000010 2010010000000, adj Arthur
1840: Pickens 1688

1850: Pickens Co SC/Eastern Div, Oct 4:
Daniel Looper/65/M/Farming/val real est 1800/born SC/
Joice " /55/F/
Emily C " /22/F/
Arminta " /16/F/
Ellenor " /13/F/
Joicy E " /11/F/
Samuel C " /7/M/
(note: son Daniel, age 25, was already head of his own
1855: 23 Jul: Pickens Deed Book A:159. Distribution of land, 198
a on Carpenters Creek of Saluda, adj. L. Hendricks, Solomon
Looper, Sr. Heirs: Joyce Looper, Arminta A, Daniel, Solomon Jr.,
Jerry Trainum gd. for Elender P., Elizabeth, Samuel, Arminta,
Rachel and Mary, all minors.

1860 Pickens Co SC:
Joicy Looper/66/F/val real est 500/val pers prop 100/born
Samuel " /18/M/born Pickens SC/
lives adjacent Jeremiah.
1860: Died 1855, estate settlement 33:385, adm. Jerry Trainum,
LOA granted 1860. Heirs: widow Joyce, Daniel, Arminta, Solomon
Jr., John Pricket and wife Rachel, Henry Duncan and wife Polly,
Peter Phillips and wife Carolina, Elender P., Elizabeth, Joseph D.
In 1869 Meredith and Elizabeth Roberts gave up interest. In 1870
John P Rackley and wife Ellen O gave up interest, wit by Reddin
Rackley. Letter from Charles Holcomb mentions wife Arminta
Looper, dtd 16 Jul 1860.
1869: 23 Jul: Keowee Courier, petition for partition of real estate
Daniel Looper decd. Charles Holcomb and wife Arminta vs Daniel
Looper et al. Joseph Looper, wife Polly, John Prickett, wife Rachel
and heirs at law of Caroline Phillips reside out of state.

Joice UNKNOWN1 was born about 1795 in Edgefield, SC. She
died after 1860 in Dacusville, Pickens Co., SC. Daniel LOOPER
Sr and Joice UNKNOWN had the following children:

+42i.Solomon LOOPER.
+43ii.Sarah Ann LOOPER.
+44iii.Daniel LOOPER.
+45iv.Emily Carolina LOOPER.
+46v.Arminta LOOPER.
+47vi.Ellender P "Ellen" LOOPER.
+48vii.Joice Elizabeth LOOPER.
+49viii.Samuel C LOOPER.
+50ix.Rachel LOOPER.
+51x.Mary LOOPER.

9. Solomon LOOPER1 was born in 1789 in Iredell Co., NC. He
appeared on the census in 1850 in Pickens District, Eastern
Divison, SC. He died in 1871 in Pickens Co., SC. He was a
Farmer. 1810: Pickens 288, 00100 00100
1820: Pickens 223 000010 40010
1830: Pickens #1165
1831: Named on Jury List for the year 1831 of Pickens District
1840: Pickens #1691
1866: I Solomon Looper being of sound mind and memory do
publish this my last will and testament, etc. I give my beloved wife
Judath W all that she got from or may get from her own people, as
her property to do as she thinks best. I give my dtr Margaret my
large bureau, one cow and calf, one sow and pigs. I give to my
grand dtr Evaline (Margeret's daughter) my small bureau and what
is on it viz three images. I also want my land divided into five equal
lots of eighty acres each. My personal property, household and
kitchen furniture, farm tools, to be divided between my children and
my wife to take a child part. I appoint John A Robinson and Joseph
Looper as executors.
Dated 6 Jan 1866
Wit: J F Smith, W C Jones, J W Brown
Signed Solomon X Looper seal
20 Dec 1871 Elizabeth Crane $344.86
D M Keith $344.86
Martha Robinson $344.86
Judia Ann Keith $344.86
Harriett A Freeman $344.86
Lurania Smith $344.86
Judeth W Looper $344.86
Margaret Looper $344.86
Mary Braswell and hbd Wm Braswell $344.86
22 Jan 1873 Elisha and Nancy Robinson $344.86
Sarah and Margaret Hood $344.86

He was married to Sarah TIDMORE (daughter of John TIDMORE
and Nancy RICHARDSON) about 1815. Sarah TIDMORE1 was
born in 1793 in Newberry Co., SC. She died before 1829.
Solomon LOOPER and Sarah TIDMORE had the following children:

+52i.Joseph Daniel LOOPER.
+53ii.Nancy LOOPER.
+54iii.Martha Mahala LOOPER.
+55iv.Margaret "Peggy" LOOPER.

Judith W UNKNOWN1 was born in 1805 in VA. She appeared on
the census in 1850 in Pickens District, Eastern Divison, SC. She
died after 1871 in Pickens Co., SC. Solomon LOOPER and Judith
W UNKNOWN had the following children:

+56i.Margaret Lourana LOOPER.
+57ii.Harriett A LOOPER.
+58iii.Elizabeth LOOPER.
+59iv.Mary J LOOPER.

1. Collective effort. GEDCOM file imported on 26 Feb 1999. Old
Pendleton District SC Database.

On 3 Mar 99, at 22:03, wrote:

> I hear tell, although not proven, thhat six Looper brothers first came
> into Overton Co., TN. These brothers are thought to be;
> Joseph (my ancestor) b.1765
> Samuel b.1770
> Daniel b.1788 or 1789
> Solomon b.1788 or 1789
> William b.1775?
> Jeremiah b.1775?
> Of these six brothers, supposedly three were born in Buncome Co., N.C.
> and two were born in Iredell Co., N.C. With one brother born in ?????
> Does anyone know who these six original brothers are?? Does your family
> tree go back to anyone of these in particular??
> Thank you,
> Shirley Willett

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