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> 1. James Love (A weaver who immigrated from either Chelsea, England or
> County Antrim, Ireland to the former Craven County, SC) (b. 1700 – d.
> He was known as “the weaver” to most who knew him. He married Martha
> “Mattie” Drennan from Pennsylvania (possibly Chester Co., PA) whose family
> originally came from County Antrim, Ireland where Mattie was born. It is
> thought that Mattie's parents were Thomas & Isabella (More) Drennan.

Clarke -
This is a lot like my James Love, weaver, line but some differences in
landing sites & spouses.

My James Love b. 1704/5 [Ireland], weaver, was in Penn., c 1730's, in NC/SC
at "Love's Ford of the Broad River", Chester Co., SC by 1755. His brother
John with wife Ann [Alys] stayed in Penn., Other brothers William "English
Bill", Robert & spouse Violet Wilson, and Alexander with wife Margaret Moore
were all in same area by 1770's.

James & wife Martha [last name unknown]; children were: William, John,
"tailor" [sp. Martha "Matt" Drennan], James, yeoman [sp. Jennett Harrison],
Thomas, Jean [sp. Adam McCool], Joseph, & Robert.

John b. 1732, "Tailor" is father of Capt. James Love, III, b. 1763, sp. of
Janet Lockert.

Their son, John Lockert Love, b. 1792, m. "Millie" [?Amelia?] Horton, their
son, Elvin E. Love, b. 1830, m(3) Frances Caroline Turnipseed, Their son
James Marvin Love, b. 1885, is my grandfather.

This James Love family genealogy is published in the Love Family Quarterly
from Vol. 4, No. 4 of Oct. 1957, and is included below.

I'd love to have your sources for comparison, so that we all have the correct

Read, enjoy and PLEASE comment as to how this compares to your sources.
Love, Lou

"FAMILY TRADITION" or repeated hearsay of remote events is genealogical
evidence only when there is more reliable evidence to lend it support. Its
chief value lies in its suggestion that some evidence may be found to
support it.... What is learned from the lips of those who reliably know facts
of family history and is then written or recorded, is rescued from the
character of 'family tradition' to that of evidence? What we learn from our
parents concerning their parents may be presumed to be reliable family
information. If we record from the lips of our grandparents the information
they gave us from their grandparents, such information is evidence rather
than family tradition"
>From Preface p xxv, Harllee's KINFOLKS (1934) 2964 pp plus index. For 11
LOVES extracted there from see JUL '56 p67.
LOVE Cousins all over USA and Canada look to Atlantic seaboard to document
their early ancestry. Two examples of such "tradition" the editor has heard
repeatedly since 1900 from LOVE Cousins over five states; FIRST, that "James
Love, weaver from Pa., wife Martha", per 1760 S. C. will, Alexander Love 84),
York. Pa., to York, S. C. by 1770; and Tory William Love nearby in Revolution
known as "English Bill", were brothers, coming together from County Antrim,
North Ireland by 1737. Second, that Love trio was as just given except third
brother was not William, but Robert, died 1787, found wed in 1738 Violet
Wilson at Forks Church of Brandywine River, Chester Co., Pa., to Chester Co.,
S. C.. per son Hezekiah's 1832 pension statement of birth in latter county
Alexander Love wed Margaret Moore, Sadsbury, Chester Co., Pa., 4-6-1743, per
Passmore’s "Andrew Moore" (I897) 1599 pp., including couple's 11 children
with most descendants to 1897, yet Love's birthplace not named, DAR 167980,
nevertheless, gave it "in Penn."
"English Bill" Love's data in brief: scouting party from Col. Brandon's
command shot William's son James in water at Love-Ford of Broad River in
early summer of 1780. Near Chester/York line, Love and Sadler, brother of
young Love's widow, went to house off a neighbor where Capt. Reid who ordered
young Love shot was visiting, called captain out and when he extended his
hand, killed him. Reid's aged mother went to Col. Brandon's camp for help.
Volunteer party of 25 raided Love's house at night shortly after 30 York
Tories captured by the colonel and Alexander's son Capt. Andrew Love at house
of latter's brotherinlaw Stallings, July 12, 1780. Sadler and "Old Love"
were killed but son "Loyalist Thos. Love" escaped. For two Love deaths, see
"Some Heroes of the Revolution", Rev. J. D. Bailey (1924). Founders of
Monroe Mission to Indians near Pontohc, Miss., were aided by "Tory brother of
S. C. Gen. Andrew Pickens and Loyalist Thos. Love" latter with sons Isaac,
Wm., Robt., Sam'l, Henry, Ben and Slone, per E. T. Winston volume thereon
(1927). Five Sadler families appear in York, S. C.,1790 census, including two
Isaac and one Richard, but Chester has only David, Mary and Wm. Tradition is
orphan Richard Love, born about 1775 of above James was confused with
Richard Love (1768-1842), son of the weaver's James Love II (l740-1820) DAR
421461. Finally, in same: York census, who was Wm. Love, Sr., with four males
under age 16, since in addition to family of Wm. Love (l760-l839) with three
such males, but located near his brothers Capt. Alexander and Col. Andrew,
sons of Alexander Love (1718-84), member of S. C. Provincial Congress?
For LOVE Cousins looking eastward to reconstruct their genealogy, what proof
then that any of above four patriarchs were brothers?
Two Love Genealogies herein that should be helpful, give male descendants of
"James Love, weaver, from Pa., wife Martha" per 1760 'will, ancestors of the
editor, and of Robert and Violet Love wed 1738, Chester Co., Pa., ancestors
our Ass'n. Pres. "Cousin Bob Love".

HAPPY is the man who recalls his ancestors with pride, who treasures the
story of their greatness, tells the tales of their heroic lives' and with joy
too full for speech, realizes that Fate has linked him with a race of goodly
men. -------Goethe, quoted in "Sparks Family Quarterly".
"JAMES LOVE, weaver from Penna., wife Martha" per 1760 S.C. will
distributing 3500 acres, came, by 1737 with children "from County Antrim, No.
Ire., to southern Penn.". We have no proof of this James in either area but
likely lived in Straban twp., now Adams Co., formed in 1800 from York, split
1749 off Lancaster in 1729 from Chester, one of three original counties where
brothers Robert wed in 1738 and: Alexander in 1743. James and Robert were in
present Chester Co., S.C., by 1751 and Alexander and William, taxables in
above Straban in 1762 but not 1765: were in adjoining "York, S. C., after
1761 and before 1771 " per Passmore. In the South all may have settled first
near the Waxhaws, now Lancaster Co., S.C., as deed by James II names "old
Love place" therein. Historian McCrady says " Scotch-Irish" Presbyterians ---
Loves --- spread from Waxhaws by 1768 over the New Acquisition", present
Chester, York, etc., acquired from N.C. by royal resurvey. Missionary
McAden, in diary, stayed with James Love on Broad River in 1755 and Gov.
Tryon's party in 1767 crossed Broad at Love Ford near mouth of Turkey
Creek on which Benjamin Love (1723-95) also had early grants. Latter, with;
Robert of 1779 S.C. will, but both said from Lunenburg, Va., witnessed 1753
Anson Co., N.C. will of weaver's eldest of four sons, I-IV. (c. with dates,
from circa, about).

I- WILLIAM. [c 53) with four 175I N.C. grants "on Love Creek, waters of Broad
River, left "all to my aged father", not named, stream now Turkey Creek,
proved by 1779 deeds therefor of weaver's other sons below-

II- JOHN (c1802) next son per 1779 deed, got by sire's will "plantation I
formerly lived on upon Broad River, likewise three acres of wheat on
plantation I now live on" hence nearby. Recognized patriot in Revolution and
only John in Chester 1790 census, he showed therein with two males over 16,
two under. This checks with 1802 will naming wife Martha (nee Mattie Drennan)
and six sons, Wm. and James showing nearby having wed Lockert sisters. Will
left land to Joseph only, hence perhaps youngest, others willed $2 each, as
deeded land previously. In 1780 deed for 800 acres to brother James, he styles
himself "John Love, taylor", six sons, A - F:

A- WM. b 1753c, in Gaston's Horsemen per 1775 S.C. Safety Committee, wed
Margery Lockert b 2/1762, in 1790 census with three males under 16. In
Chester 1809, to Limestone Co., Ala. 1818 census, but four sons to Amite,
Miss., by 1816 census and Texas by 1847: 1) Wm. D. b 1782 c made 1806 Chester
deed to "100 acres deeded me by Wm. Love, Sr.,, wed in Amite 1817 Polly
Anderson, 1820 census two sons. 2) John b 1784 c had five males in 1820
census plus nearby, a) John J., who wed there 1818 Nancy Barrow, 2 males in
1820 census. 3) Aaron L., b 1788 c wed 1819 Rhody Arnold, in 1820 Claiborne
census. 4) "Robt. E., b Chester 1791, d Natchez 1833, wed 1819 Pamelia
McCullough" per Bible, in Wilkinson 1820 Census with; a) Matthew McC.
(1819-77) who wed there 1847, thence Texas.

B- JOHN b 1755 c also of Gaston Company, 100 acres 1788 by sire's deed,
himself deeded off 1807, had family of nine near brother JOS. in 1818 census,
Limestone, Ala., but no will there with;

C- JAMES III (b 1-24-1763, d 12-6-1807, Bible) S.C. militiamen in editor's
SAR 70905, 138 acre "deed of inheritance" from sire Sept. 17, 1788, wed
.10-1788 Janet Lockert, sister of above. WM.'s wife sons; l) Aaron L.
(1791-1818) and wife only near Sam'l in Shelby, Ala., 1818 census; d. from
War of 1812 service with - 2) John L. (1792
1836) of 13th. SC Inf., to Pickens, Ala., 1825 with Lockert's, sons; a) E.
Aaron (1818
84); b) Wm. Harbin, no trace; c) Drennan (1826-64) MD, CS Army; d)Elvin E.
(1830-93) g-sire of David B. b 1907, Ass'n VP for A!a.; e) James b 1835
killed CS Army, Mobile; 3) David (1795-1833) to Tenn. to Miss., with a)
Thos. N., M.D., of Mexican War diary herein, also No. 5 in JAMES 9-generation
Club" APR p8, b) CSA Maj. Amzi E. (1882-74); c) Albert Ira, Bradley, Ark.;
4) Miles d unm.; 5) Drennan (1800-73) to Northport, Ala., to Crawford, Miss.,
where Commissioner to Presbyterian General Assembly, Philadelphia, 1853, with
nine sons, five in CS Army. Of sons living in 1863, two d unm.; a) David C.,
of Tenn. bar, later Pres. Lowndes Supervisors; and b) Albert C., M.D.; also
three wed with two sons each but no g-son, namely, c) John C., realtor and
city engineer, Leesburg, Fla.,; d ) James D., editor's sire in APR Query 3;
and e) Maj. Wm. A., state senator, sire of Wm. J., Jul p6.

D- Thos. b 1768-c, not traced, only by tradition to Tenn.

E- Robt. b 1777-c, 131 acre 1798 deed from sire, to Amite, Miss., not 1816
but 1820 census with two males under 16. . ...

F- JOS., b 1779 c, 200 acres from sire's 1802 will; in 1818 Limestone. Ala.,
census near above brother JOHN; will there 1826-31.

III- Thos. b 1736-c has all known data in 60 line JAN Query 2 with note on
sister Jean, wife of Adam McCool with son Capt. John (1751-1821) wed Jane b
1764 of JAMES below; also her daughter Rachel (1770-1865) wed Wm. (1762-1821)
of Robert and Violet Love GENEALOGY to follow.

IV---- JAMES II, "yeoman" (c1820), saddle and shoemaker, coexecutor of sire's
will leaving him "400 acres on Turkey Creek, 1100 on Broad River, likewise
the tract I now live on"; also had 1763 grant of 160 acres there. In S.C.
militia per DAR 421361, wife Jennett (Harrison?) settled estate of this
Chester legislator, lands also in York, Co., sons: A-D

A- RICHARD (1768-1842) wed Elizabeth b of above Benjamin, no kin per
Goodspeed's "Mississippi (1897) I:1150. Chester will included six sons: 1)
Benjamin Franklin (1798-1874) to Pickens, Co., Ala., by 1850 census, rejoined
two next brothers in 1871. Four of eight sons in CS Army, living in 1865: a)
Richard Garner (1828-91); b) John Jefferson b 1835; c) B. F., Jr., d) Robt.
R. (1843-1919). 2) James Harvey (1803-85) in 1843 to Choctaw Co., Miss.,
sons; a) CS Army cavalry Capt. Jos. Edwin [1834-1904) family, adjoining
Oktibbeha Co.; b) CS Army infantry Capt. Wm. Richard (1839-1921) to Reno
Co., Kans., sons a) Wm. A. b 1879, b) John McCoy, c) Robt. Harvey, d) Fred.
J., e) Jos. Edward: and f) Edgar Clyde b 1896. 3) Wm. Garner (1805-71) to
Choctaw with above brother, sons: a) Elihu (1835-95), b) Robt. b 1841, to
Hyde, Tex., c) John lost in CS Army and d) James L d young. 4) John M. b
1807 wed nee Mary S. Love b 1816, in 1850 Chester census, sons, a) Elihu b
1839, b) Richard and c) Thos. b 1848. 5) Thos. Marion (1814-73) per
Bullock churchyard, sons: a) John A. b 1839, b) Sam'l and c) Wm. Thos. b
1849 wed. nee Mary Agnes Love b 1858. 6) Amzi b 1821 to Jasper, Ala., 1860,
sons: a) Wm. and b) Dryden.

B- JAMES IV (c 1860) son Ferdinand G., b 1816 with son Elder age 1 in
Chester 1850 census.

C- ELI (1782-1860 plus) per Bullock markers, sons: 1) Eli Lawson (1824-93)
with a) James Andrew (1854-1932), b John Ellis (1856-75?), c) Sam'l O., and
d) Charlie. 2) Jacob Lemuel (1822-92) with a) J. Wylie (1850-1926), b)
Elias E. (1858-1933), 3) James Monroe (1823-1901) per CS Army marker with
a) James Alex. (1854-1902), 4) Amzi M., b 1830, 5) Leander [Leonard?) M.

D- THOS. HARRISON (1786-1848) per Bullock marker, wed Elizabeth Robson, sons:
1) T. H., Jr., (1824-56) with sons: a) Jos. Thos. (1848-l907) ,with son T.
H., III, living near Bullock church, Sharon RFD, York Co., S.C.

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