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Subject: Desolate Baker
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 1998 07:58:16 -0800

Hi all,

I have been trying to find out about Rev. Desolate Baker aka
Rev. Henry Loveall and this is what I've found out so far.

Basically, this is what happened. Desolute Baker was born in
Cambridge in 1694 and grew up their. At a relatively young age he was
caught in an affair with a young woman that was a parishoner of his
church and fled the city to avoid prosicution. He may have first went
to another city or left directly from Cambridge to America. That is
unknown to me so far. In any case, he illegally emmigrated by changing
his name to Henry L. Loveall and signed up as an indendured servant for
a family or company that set sail for New York sometime around 1720 and
supposedly landed in Long Island (Some other genealgoist show that he
landed in Rhode Island, can you send me info on this?). In 1725, at the
age of 31, he was baptized in New-England. He may have been asked to do
this by his wife Martha. This tells us that he was not a Baptist in
England. When he was Baptised in America it was probably into a new
form of church. It is still unknown when they were married. However,
two children - Zebulon and Ethan were born some time between 1725 and
1734. By December 24, 1731 he moved to Piscataqua, New Jersey where his
son Luther was born and where he was ordained on Jan. 3, 1732, but he
was not officiated their as an ordained minister. A fourth child,
Calvin, was born Sept. 26, 1734 in Piscataway, New Jersey (Probably the
same town). He then moved to Maryland in 1742 and became the minister
of a small church that same year in Chestnut-Ridge, Baltimore County.
"He took the care of them at the time they became a church, July 10,
1742. Before that Mr. George Eaglesfield preached but baptized none;
after him, Mr. Paul Palmer, who baptized 9 persons, and then went to
North-Carolina."(written in 1772) His sons Zebulon and Ethan had their
first children by this time. Zebulon was living in Somerset County but
had moved to Baltimore County by 1744 when the church was built. On
Aug. 4, 1743 Henry was "admitted to the benefit of the tolerance act of
the court"(written in 1772) and was allowed to preach. The court was
held in Joppa at that time. His church was built in 1744 of brick on
land given by Mr. Henry Sator. There were 12 families of which he
baptized 21 individuals but none would hold communion do to his past.
"Laying on of hands, and washing of feet were practised in this church.
No estate. No salary, except presents and perquisites to the amount of
about 20 pounds a year." The towns people couldn't get around what
happened in Cambridge. So, in 1746 he moved to Ketokton. A fifth and
last known child was born some time between 1746 and 1750 by the name of
Peter. By 1772 he moved back to Chestnut-Ridge "where he resides, in
the 78th year of his age, an unhappy proof that ministerial gifts and a
good life and conversation do not always go together"(written in 1772)
and where he prosumedly died. The year of death was after 1772 but not
yet known to me.

Well, this is what I have so far. My wifes line is as follows.

Desolate Baker (1694) m. Martha to
Zebulon Loveall (Abt 1725) m. Mary West to
Henry Loveall (1742) m. Mary Myler to
Zebulon Loveall (1770) m. Jane Lane to
Stephen Loveall (1800) m. Ruth Alpha Stroud to
Levi Thomas Loveall (1849) m. Roxilen M. Jones to
Mathew Drewer Loveall (1886) m. Bertha Alice Buckmaster to
Christine Lee Loveall (still living) to
James Lee Hoffman (still living) to
My wife.

Okay, so if anyone as any more informaiton on Mr. Baker (especially
immegration informaiton and passenger lists, and the court records in
Joppa) then let me know. I would love to find out more. It has also
occured to me that Desolate may not be his name. His was a Reverand and
obviously very religious. He may have been ashamed of his affair and
thus changed his name to Loveall as a punishment. The name tells it
all. Desolate is not a common name and may have also been a punishment,
but an early one. I wouldn't be suprised if his actual birth name was
Henry Baker.

Hope to hear all of your ideas on this.
Zipsson Jr.

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