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Subject: Lovelaces in Wurts Magna Charta
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It is part of a Chapter my Great Grandmother and Great Aunt had written and had
published in John S Wurts, Magna Charta Volume 8. I know some researchers
think these volumes are worthless but one must understand that the Magna
Charta series were individual researches who were paying to have their
research published. I suppose in that light it can be viewed as you would a
submission on rootsweb or a FTM file. I only followed the chapter down to
what related to the Lovelace family. I don't think the rest of it would be
of interest to your subscribers. I have not spent a lot of time working on
it but have caught a few date errors. If anyone finds any other errors
please understand they are not intentional and it is research I inherited.
Anyway I think it will add nicely a little more history for the family and
the chapter can also be used as a record source to join the National Society
Magna Charta Dames and Barons under the Lovelace line if anyone was
interested. Here is their url for curiosity sake :-)

Eileen Colgan

Updated from
John S. Wurts
Chapter 288


Descent from Clovis, Charlemagne, Alfred the Great, William the
Conqueror, the Plantagenets, Scottish and Saxon Kings, Norse and
Danish Rulers, Welsh Lords and Princes, Knights of the Garter and
from Fourteen Sureties for the Magna Charta of
A. D. 1215.

William d'Albini and the Emperor Charlemange
Hugh Bigod and Emperor Vladimir
Roger Bigod and King Edward II
Henry de Bohun and King David I
Gilbert de Clare and King Louis I
Richard de Clare and King William the Conqueror
John FitzRobert anf the Emperor Hugh Capet
John de Lacie and King Malcolm Canmore
William Malet and King Clovis
William de Mowbray and King Louis II
Saire de Quincey and King Alfred the Great
Robert de Roos and King Donald I
Geoffrey de Saye and King Kenneth
Robert de Vere and King Egbert

May also claim decent from:
Queen Boadicea
King Edward I of England

*30. WILLIAM de MOWBRAY the Surety, q. v., died 1223/4, married Avice

*29. Roger de Mowbray, second son, died 1266, was with King Henry III in
Scotland and Wales, married Maud, daughter of William de Beauchamp of

*28. Roger de Mowbray, died 1298, married Agnes (Rose) Clare, daughter of
the Surety GILBERT de CLARE, No. 30 below.

*27. John de Mowbray, sheriff of Yorkshire and governor of the City of York
in the 6th of King Edward 11, where he was hanged in the year 1321. He
married Aliva, daughter of William de Braos.

*26. John, 3d Baron Mowbray, governor of Berwick-upon-Tweed, married first
Joan, daughter of Henry, Earl of Lancaster.

*25. John de Mowbray, born at Epworth 25 June 1340, slain by the Saracens
in 1368, married (25) Elizabeth Segrave, who was de-scended as follows:


32. ROBERT de VERE the Surety, q. v., hereditary lord great Chamberlain of
England, died 25 October 1221, married Isabel Bolebec.

31. Hugh de Vere, 4th Earl of Oxford, died 1263, married 1223 Hawise,
daughter of SAIRE de QUINCEY the Surety, No. 32 below.


30. Robert de Vere, 5th Earl of Oxford and 6th great Chamberlain, born
1240, died 2 September 1296. He married Alice, died 7 September 1317,
daughter of Gilbert de Saunford.

29. Joan Vere married William de Warren, who was killed in his father's
lifetime in a tournament at Croydon, 15 December 1285.

28. Alice Warren, died before 23 May 1338, married 1305 Edmund FitzAlan,
Earl of Arundel, born I May 1285, beheaded 17 November 1326.

27. Alice FitzAlan married Ste hen (John) de Segrave, constable of the
Tower of London in 1323, who died in Gascony in his father's lifetime.

26. John de Segrave, died 1353, aged 38 years, married Margaret
Plantagenet, daughter of Thomas of Brotherton and granddaughter of KING
EDWARD I. Their only daughter

(25) Elizabeth Segrave as above married *25 John de Mowbray and had

*24. Alianore (Margaret) Mowbray, second wife of (24) John de Welles, born
about 1350, died 1421, who was descended as follows:


32. SAIRE de QUINCEY the Surety, q. v., Earl of Winchester, born before
1154, died 3 November 1219, married Margaret Beaumont (Bellomont).

31. Robert de Quincey, eldest son, died in the Holy Land, rnarried Hawise,
daughter of Hugh Keveliok, Earl of Chester. Their only daughter.

30. Margaret Quincey, married JOHN de LACIE the Surety, q. v., baron of
Halton Castle, died 22 July 1240.

29. Maud Lacie, elder daughter, married as his second wife, (29) Richard de
Clare, Earl of Gloucester and Hertford, born 4 August 1222, died 15 July
1262, who was descended as follows:


31. RICHARD de CLARE the Surety, q. v., 4th Earl of Hertford, died 1217,
married Amicia of Gloucester.


30. GILBERT de CLARE the Surety, q. v., born about 1180, died 25 October
1230, married Isabella Marshall.

(29) Richard de Clare as above married 29 Maud Lacie.

28. Thomas de Clare, governor of tthe City of London in 1272, died 1287,
married Julian, daughter of Sir Maurice FitzMaurice, Lord justice of

27. Margaret Clare, younger daughter, married Bartholomew Badlesmere, born
1275, governor of Bristol Castle in 1307.

26. Margery Badlesmere married (26) William de Roos, died 16 February
1342/3, who was descended as follows:


30. ROBERT de ROOS the Surety, q. v., 4th baron of Hamlake manor, born
1177, died 1227, married Isabel, daughter of WILLIAM THE LION, King of

29. William de Roos, died 1258, married Lucia, daughter of Reginald
FitzPiers of Blewleveny in Wales.

28. Robert de Roos, died 16 June 1285, married (28) Isabel d'Albini, died
1301, who was descended as follows:


30. WILLIAM d'ALBINI the Surety, q. v., lord of Belvoir Castle, died 1 May
1236, married
Margery Umfraville.

29. William d'Albini, died 1285, married first Albreda, daughter of Henry,
Lord Biseth.

(28) Isabel d'Albini as above married 28 Robert de Roos and had

27. William de Roos, born 1255, died 1316, who married Maud, daughter of
John de Vaux.

(26) William de Roos as above married 26 Margery Badlesmere and had

25. Maud Roos, who married John de Welles.

(24) John de Welles as above married *24 Alianore (Margaret) Mowbray and

*23. Eudo de Welles, eldest son, married (23) Maud Greystock, who was
descended as follows:


32. ROGER BIGOD the Surety, q. v., Earl of Norfolk and Suffolk, born about
1150, died 1221, married Isabella Plantagenet.

31. HUGH BIGOD the Surety, q. v., Earl of Norfolk and Suffolk, married
about 1212 Maud Marshall.

30. Isabel Bigod married first Gilbert de Lacy, lord of Meath, died 1230.

29. Maud Lacy, heiress of Ludlow Castle, married second Geoffrey de
Genevill of Trim Castle, co. Meath, Ireland.

28. Peter de Geneville married joane, daughter of Hugh le Brune, Earl of

27. Joane Geneville married Roger Mortimer.

26. Catherine Mortimer, died 1371, in 1337 became the wife of (26) Thomas
de Beauchamp, an original Knight of the Garter, who was descended as


30. HENRY de BOHUN the Surety, q. v., Earl of Hereford, died 1220, married
Maud FitzGeoffrey.

29. Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford and Essex, married Maud, daughter
of Raoul de Lusignan, Count of Eu.

28. Alice Bohun married Ralph de Toni of Castle Maud, Radnor, and
Flamstead, Herts.

27. Alice Toni married third Guy de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick. He
distinguished himself at the Battle of Falkirk, and caused Piers Gaveston to
be beheaded, whose partisans afterward poisoned him, and he died at Warwick
Castle 12 August 1315.

(26) Thomas de Beauchamp, K. G., as above married 26 Catherine Mortimer and

25. Maud Beauchamp married Roger de Clifford, Earl of West-moreland, born
1333, died 1389, also of baronial descent.

24. Catherine Clifford, died 1413, married Ralph de Greystock, born 1353,
died 1417.

(23) Maud Greystock as above married *23 Eudo de Welles and had


*22. Lionel (Leo) de Welles, K. G., died 1461, married Joan (Cecilia)

*21. Margaret Welles married Thomas Dymoke of Scrivelsby, co. Lincoln,
beheaded 1470, son of Sir Philip Dymoke and his wife Johanna Conyers.

*20. Margaret Dymoke, died 20 June 1463, married Thomas FitzWilliam of
Mablethorpe, co. Lincoln, who died 9 April 1479, son of Thomas FitzWilliam
and his wife Elizabeth Aske.

*19. Jane FitzWilliam, born about 1440, married second, about 1478, Robert
Bradbury of Manclanden, Littlebury, Essex, who died about 1480, brother of
Sir Thomas Bradbury, Lord Mayor of London in 1509.

*18. William Bradbury, lord of Catmer manor, Essex, born 1480, died 1550,
married Eleanor Fuller.
*17. William Bradbury, died about 1550, married and had
*16. Henry Bradbury, who married Mary Nicholls and had

*15. Mary Martha Bradbury, who married Adam Bettenham. Their daughter

*14. Elizabeth Bettenham married James Wilsford, sheriff of London in 1499,
and had

*13. Thomas Wilsford of Cranbrook, co. Kent, who married Rose Whetenhall.
Their daughter

*12. Cecilia Wilsford died 1611, married 1559 Rt. Rev. Edwin Sandys, born
1519, Bishop of Worcester, Archbishop of York, one of those who made the
translation known as the Bishops' Bible, was imprisoned a year for defending
Lady Jane Grey against Queen Mary. Later pardoned, he retired into Germany
and, returning to England, died 1583.

*11. Anne Sandys, died 1630, married Sir William Barne of Woolwich, co.
Kent, born 1569, died 1619, son of Sir George Barne, Lord Mayor of London in

*10. Anne Barne, died 1633, married in 1610 (10) Sir William Lovelace of
Woolwich, baptized in 1583, killed at the siege of Grolle in 1627, who was
descended as follows:


25. GEOFFREY de SAYE the Surety, q. v., died 24 October 1230. He married
first Alice, daughter of William de Cheyney.

24. William de Saye, governor of Rochester Castle in 1260, died 1272,
married and had

23. William de Saye, who died in 1295, leaving a son

22. Geoffrey de Saye who married Idonea Leyburne.

21. Juliana Saye married first Roger de Northwode, born 1307, died 1361.

20. John de Northwode, died 27 February 1378/9, in 1350 married Joan,
daughter of Robert Hert of Faversham, co. Kent.

19. Juliana Northwode in 1381 married John Digges, lord of Barham, co.
Kent. Their daughter

18. Elizabeth Digges married Henry Aucher, born 1370, died 1400, lord of
Losenham manor, co. Kent.

17. Henry Aucher, lord of Losenham, married second Joan, daughter of Thomas
St. Leger, lord of Ottenham manor, co. Kent.

16. Henry Aucher, lord of Ottenham, married Alice Boleyne.

15. John Aucher of Ottenham, died 23 April 1503, married Alice Church.

14. James Aucher, Esq., of Ottenham, died 6 January 1508, married Alice,
daughter of Thomas Hills, Esq., of Eggarton, near Godmersham.

13. Sir Anthony Aucher, Knight of Ottenham, acquired from Thomas Colepeper,
in the reign of Henry VIII, the manors of Bishopsbourne and Hautsborne, in
co. Kent. He married Affra, daughter of Sir William Cornwallis, of
Norfolk, and his wife Elizabeth Stanford.

12. Edward Aucher, Esq., inherited, under his father's Will, the manors of
Bishopsbourne and Hautsborne. He married Mabel, daughter of Sir Thomas
Wrothe and his wife Mary Rich.

11. Elizabeth Aucher married Sir William Lovelace, member of the Virginia
Company, born 1561, died 1629, of Bethersden, co. Kent.

(10) Sir William Lovelace as above married *10 Anne Barne and had

CHAPTER 288 - 2725

*9. Anne Lovelace, born about 1610, died in Lancaster County, Virginia,
1657 (sister of Governor Francis Lovelace of Virginia and of the poet, Sir
Richard Lovelace) married 1628 Rev. Dr. John Gorsuch, born 1600, Rector of
Walkeholme, co. Herts, murdered 1642 (son of Daniel Gorsuch (1575-1638)
Merchant of London, son of William Gorsuch, born 1550 and his wife Alice
Hall.) Of their seven children, all of whom came to Virginia with their
mother, the sixth was

*8. Charles Gorsuch, baptized at Walkern, Hertfordshire, England, 25 August
1642, died 1716. He came to Virginia about the year 1651, was in Maryland
in 1661 and married first Sarah Cole, daughter of Thomas Cole, the owner of
Cole's Harbour, a tract of 250 acres where the City of Baltimore now stands.

*7. Charles Gorsuch, born in Maryland 1686/7, married second about 1720
Sarah Cole.

6. Hannah Gorsuch, born 1715, died 11 September 1800, married 2 March 1735
Thomas Stansbury, born in Baltimore County 24 April 1710, died 15 June 1798,
a descendant of Prince William of Orange (never proven).

*5. William Stansbury, born 1749, died 23 June 1819, married 6 March 1806
Susannah Demitt, who was living in 1842.

*4. Elizabeth Stansbury, born 12 April 1785, died 25 September 1850,
married 1801 William Bosley, born 13 February 1774, died 25,) March 1857,
son of Walter Bosley and Mary Trapnall.

*3. William Stansbury Bosley, born in Baltimore County 25 May 1802, died 16
February 1853, married at York, Pennsylvania, (3) Sarah Ann Orrick, born 24
September 1810, died 22 August 1858, who was descended as follows:


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