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After your email to Lou Ann I was reviewing my copy of Controversy in the Carolinas on what Jayne says about Isaac Lovelace and Catherine Beall. Just an observation, but the information she presents is not 100% accurate sometimes. On my line I have found that the Taylor children info is different than what I have found so far when I look at the actual wills. I haven't run across a Thomas Taylor, it has always been Isaac Taylor in any will copies I have and have seen and she lists the "Taylor girls" when it was Isaac Taylor, male, and Sarah Taylor, a young female. Also, it was a James Lanzenby and not James Latham who witnessed several of the transactions. Some of the handwriting on the wills is difficult to decipher so I am not criticizing. I know for one of my other lines I was working on transcribign one for a couple of weeks when all of a sudden some of the words just popped out at me and the rest was easy when I figured out how the writer formed his letters.

Jayne's work is excellent I believe and these are just small errors. She was one of the first to document Isaac Lovelace's marriage to Catherine Beall based on facts so for that she remains one of my favorite researchers.

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Lou Ann,

As I said, I have performed no independant research in this area yet.
(However, I plan to sometime in the future.) I do not know if you have
Pratt's book, but she goes on by saying that William was William Lovelace
Sr. who married Margaret Beall of Port Tobacco, Maryland. William, whose
father is unidentified, was believed born on April 2, 1720. Margaret born
c1727 was daughter of James and Margaret Beall.


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<< William Lovelace and Margaret Beall of Port Tobacco, Maryland.

William born April 2, 1720.

(This is according to research performed by Jayne Pratt Lovelace.

See her book "Controversy in the Carolinas". I have done no research in this

area myself.) >>

I too think that Benjamin of Edgefield probably came from this William,
however, I'm having a difficult time finding Margaret Beall as his wife.
I think that may be confused with Willian, son of JBL, who did marry a
Margaret Beall. I really don't know who the earlier William married,
but my earlier post about the William Lovely I found married to a
Smallwood peaked my interest and I wondered if that might be this
William. Nothing definite on that. But I'm just not sure he married
a Beall either.
Lou Ann

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