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From: "John Lovelock" <>
Subject: James Lovelock
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 12:34:32 +0100

Dear James

I received a fascinating letter from James Lovelock (from his home in
Cornwall) on Friday and e mailed him requesting his permission to
circulate the contents of his letter to The List. James has since given
me permission to share his genealogy and I therefore reproduce his
letter in full below:

" Dear John Lovelock 17 June

A friend who lives in Newbury passed on your announcement in the Newbury
News about a reunion of the Lovelock families. Although I am not
personally much interested in genealogy I thought you might like the few
details of my family history for your data base.

My father's family came from the Latin Down area on the hills above
Wantage, nearest village Farnborough.Grandfather worked at the
Brickworks owned by the Lousley family. Father, born 1872 died 1956, was
one of 13 children. He moved to Brixton London in his teen age. I was
born at Letchworth Garden City, my mother's home, in 1919.

As a child I remember an Uncle Fred Lovelock, who also lived in Brixton,
and an aunt Lilly who lived in Didcot and was married to a Herman. There
were also cousins living in Portsmouth. My father's sister Clara lived
close by and she was married to Frank Guichard.

The only other point of interest is that there is some evidence of Inuit
(Baffin Island) ancestry in my father's family. In my case the Blood
Group Laboratory of Boston USA were prepared to say the odds were over a
million to one that my ancestry included an Inuit.

I hope that this information is helpful, if not just transfer it to the

With all best wishes

From James Lovelock CH CBE CChem FRS "

Best Wishes

John Lovelock

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Subject: Re: New Year Honours

Thanks to John and Michael for keeping a sharp eye on the New Year
Honours! Even though James E. Lovelock is well known, in family history
terms he remains a bit of a mystery. Does anyone know of a connection
with other Lovelock branches?



John Lovelock wrote:

>Happy New Year Lovelock Listers.
>Spotted in The Times Tuesday 31st December 2002:
>James Ephraim Lovelock
>Scientist, inventor and author, services to global environmental
>Best Wishes
>John Lovelock
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