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From: Graham Lovelock <>
Subject: [LOVELOCK] A further Wallingford Line update
Date: Wed, 6 May 2009 14:19:02 +0000

Apologies, everyone, for another update so soon, but I forgot to turn over the last page of my notes and therefore missed the following, which have now been incorporated:

1. Added a wife Eliza Jane Freshwater (I1072) to William Lovelock (I821) with details of her birth and their marriage.

2. Added children William Henry, Frederick George, Ernest Thomas and Eliza Gertrude (I1073 - I1076) to William and Eliza Jane.

3. Added a wife Louise E Reeve (I1077) to Frederick George with details of their marriage.

4. Added a daughter (I1078) to Frederick George and Louisa.

5. Added birth and death details for George William Lovelock (I830).

6. Identified the wife of James Lovelock (I703) as Louisa Tayler (I808) and added details of their marriage.

7. Added birth details for James' and Louisa's daughter Eva Margaret Ann (I809).

8. Added birth details for Harry Lovelock (I729).

9. Identified the wife of Harry Lovelock as Elizabeth Winter (I805) and added details of their marriage.

10. Added birth details for Harry and Elizabeth's children Winifred Elsie (I806) and Harry George (I807).

11. Added a son (I1079) to Harry and Elizabeth.

12. Added birth and death details for Phoebe Parsons (I740), the first wife of James Lovelock (I87).

13. Corrected the name of James' second wife to Clara Ellen Wood Teall, and added details of her birth and their marriage.

14. Added birth details for James Richard Lovelock (I791) and William Guy Lovelock (I792), the sons of James (I87) and changed their mother from Clara to Phoebe.

15. Added birth details for Louisa Farey (I787), Albert George (I789) and Ethel Mary Lovelock (I790), the children of James and Clara.

16. Various minor details added to various persons.

As usual GRO references are included where possible, and supporting Census Returns added as appropriate.

Access to the data in the normal way, as per my previous update message.

Thanks for your patience!



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