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From: Graham Lovelock <>
Subject: [LOVELOCK] More puzzles with an Essex link
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2016 12:12:07 +0000

Hello all,

You will be pleased to hear that the puzzle presented on 8 January regarding James Thomas Lovelock has now been solved, thanks to Sue Lovelock's initial reference to the 1939 Register at findmypast. This is a resource that nobody has mentioned having dipped into as yet, so it is good to know that it may prove of value in the never-ending search for Lovelock information.

James Thomas Lovelock born in 1914 was the man who married Marjorie A Banks as we had suspected, and we deduce that although both parties were born and brought up in the Rochford Registration District in Essex they married in the Staines Registration District because James had joined the Royal Artillery and was stationed in the area.

However, as is so often the case, solving this particular puzzle has resulted in the identification of yet another, for which your assistance in reaching a solution is once again sought.

The marriage took place in Jul-Sep
1951 in the Southend RD of Edith A Lovelock and George Brooks. In solving the James Thomas Lovelock puzzle we had noted that a George Brooks was in the same household in the Southend-on-Sea RD in 1939 as a James F Lovelock (born 1918), which is an interesting coincidence, if no more than that.

Checking Free BMD from 1890
to 1935 there is only one birth of an Edith A Lovelock - Jul-Sep 1920 in the
Hartley Wintney RD, the daughter, possibly, of Albert G Lovelock and
Edith A Smith who had married in the same RD in Oct-Dec 1919.

problem here is that there was also the marriage
of an Edith A Lovelock to Frederick W Jefferies in Jul-Sep 1942 in the
Andover RD. That seems to suggest that one of the marriages must be of a
widowed Edith A Lovelock, but how to sort out which one? One
guess would be that the 1951 marriage would involve Edith A Lovelock
(nee Smith), as the couple married in the Andover RD had two children in
1942 and 1944, which seems more likely for a woman born in 1920 than
1901, which seems like the date for Miss Smith - an Edith Alice Smith
being born in Hartley Wintney RD in Oct-Dec 1901 who must be a candidate
for the 1919 marriage.

To add to the mysteries, there is no Edith A
Lovelock 'visible' in the 1939 Register, from which we may deduce that
the only one recorded was the one born in 1920 and assumed to be still
alive (that information being redacted for the present). Why the Edith born in 1901 does not appear we can not say, but it seems to be impossible to positively identify her husband either, so their household was somehow missed.

So - can anyone identify the Albert George Lovelock who married Edith Alice Smith in 1919, and point to details of his death? And can anyone confirm that Edith Alice is the lady who subsequently married George Brooks in 1951? And was she the Edith A Brooks who died in the Rochford (Essex) RD in 1968, supposedly aged 70?

And who was the James F Lovelock born in 1918 as Free BMD has no record of the birth? And why is his record visible in the 1939 Register (being under 100 years old) when there seems to be no record of his death?

Plenty to follow up there.



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