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From: James Loveluck <>
Subject: [LOVELOCK] Cleanup operations
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2016 11:43:17 +0100

Hello all,

Following the move to Webtrees, I’ve embarked on a number of cleanup operations, as follows:

Updating all the descendant trees, to make them consistent with the gedcom files at Webtrees. This will incorporate any material added since the last update (see the What’s New page and the log files for details). For those trees for which there is no significant new material, there may be cosmetic changes (e.g. to the date formats, see below). In principle, comparison with a previous version should reveal whether any material was lost due to the SQL database corruption, but in practice this is complicated by cosmetic changes.
Removing some non-ascii characters from the gedcom files. Certain non-ascii characters are not displayed correctly by Webtrees, which is annoying but not catastrophic. However, one case was encountered where the presence of a particular non-ascii character truncated records for some individuals.
Standardising the date formats. Webtrees accepts dates entered in a wide range of formats, but they are not always interpreted correctly, in particular for ranges of dates. This has consequences for the calculation of the age of an individual, estimated birth dates of children, etc. Correcting the date formats by hand would be tedious, error-prone and very time-consuming, so I have written a script which converts various formats which cause difficulty into formats acceptable by Webtrees, and I’ve been applying this to the gedcom files at Webtrees.

I’m still some way from completing these operations. Indications of my progress can be obtained from entries on the ‘What’s New’ page, describing the updates to descendant trees; the cleanup of the corresponding gedcom file is usually carried out at the same time.



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