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Subject: [LOWE-L] Aquilla Low Jr.
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 14:42:19 -0500

I haven't posted to the list for awhile so here is the line that I am
working on:

Aquilla Low Sr. (Revolutionary War soldier) first records have him selling
land in Greene Co, NC. Name of first wife unknown, he m. Nancy Lewis 20 Feb
1817 in Knox Co. TN. He d. 1819 in Knox Co.

Descendants of Aquilla LOW - 21 Apr 1998


1. Aquilla LOW owned Indenture - Sale of land on 6 May 1789 in Greene Co.,
NC. He died in 1819 in Knox County, TN.

Aquilla LOW had the following children:

+2i.Aquilla LOW.
+3ii.Elijah LOW.
4iii.Richard LOW.
5iv.John LOW.
+6v.Isaac LOW.
+7vi.Martha Margaret LOW.
+8vii.Mary (Patty or Polly) LOW.
+9viii.Susannah LOW.
+10ix.Elizabeth LOW.

He was married to Nancy LEWIS on 20 Feb 1817 in Knox County, TN.


2. Aquilla LOW owned Land Grant, MO Territory between 1805 and 1810 in
Bellvue, Dist. of St. Genevieve, Missouri Territory. He appeared on the
census in 1820 in Madison County, Illinois. He owned Public Domain land
purchase on 8 Mar 1827 in Morgan County, Illinois (Now Cass). He was buried
in 1831 in Exeter Cemetary, Scott County, IL. He died before 6 Jun 1831 in
Morgan County, Illinois. He served in the military War of 1812 in 2nd
Mounted East Tennessee Volunteers.

He was married to UNKNOWN. UNKNOWN died before 1818. Aquilla LOW and
UNKNOWN had the following children:

+11i.Edith "Edy" LOW.
+12ii.Beda E. LOW.
+13iii.Deborah (Debby) LOW.
+14iv.Rhoda LOW.

He was married to Mary "Polly" REAVIS on 5 Jul 1818 in Madison County,
Illinois. Mary "Polly" REAVIS was born in 1860 in unknown. Aquilla LOW and
Mary "Polly" REAVIS had the following children:

+15i.Louisa LOW.
+16ii.Delilah LOW.
17iii.Elizabeth LOW was born in 1834 in Illinois.

3. Elijah LOW.

He was married to Ann HAMILTON on 29 Oct 1809 in Knox County, TN.

6. Isaac LOW was born in 1781 in Tennessee.

Elizabeth PARSONS (daughter of Thomas M. PARSONS and Margaret HICKMAN) was
born in 1787 in Virginia. Isaac LOW and Elizabeth PARSONS had the following

18i.Edith LOW was born in 1824 in Tennessee.
19ii.Eli LOW was born in 1807.
20iii.Elizabeth LOW was born in 1811.
21iv.Issac Hickman LOW was born in 1820.
22v.Jesse LOW was born in 1812.
23vi.Joel L. LOW was born in 1816 in Tennessee.
24vii.John C. LOW was born in 1822 in Tennessee.
25viii.Levi LOW was born in 1809 in Tennessee.
26ix.Mahalla LOW was born in 1806.
27x.Margaret Ann LOW was born in 1809.
28xi.Rebecca LOW was born in 1814 in Tennessee.
29xii.Thomas M. LOW was born in 1827 in Tennessee.

7. Martha Margaret LOW.

She was married to John GOLSTON/GHOLSTON 5 Feb 1793 (Bond) in Knox,
Territory of USA S. of river Ohio (TN).

8. Mary (Patty or Polly) LOW.

She was married to Craven JOHNSTON 21 Dec 1792 (Bond) in Knox, Territory of
USA S. of river Ohio (TN).

9. Susannah LOW.

She was married to Caleb LOW on 6 Jun 1803 in Knox County, TN.

10. Elizabeth LOW was born about 1783 in Tennessee. She died about 1840 in
Dekalb, AL (Now Etowah).

She was married to Lawrence SCOTT on 3 Dec 1799 in Knox County, TN.
Lawrence SCOTT died in 1852 in Dekalb, AL (Now Etowah). He was buried in
1852 in Kuyuka Cemetary, Sandy Valley, Etowah, AL. Elizabeth LOW and
Lawrence SCOTT had the following children:

+30i.Susannah 'Sukey' SCOTT.
+31ii.William P. SCOTT.
+32iii.James SCOTT.
+33iv.Rachel SCOTT.
+34v.Lawrence SCOTT.
+35vi.David B. SCOTT.
+36vii.Alsey SCOTT.
37viii.Aquilla SCOTT was born in 1812 in Knox County, TN. He died on 22
Apr 1863.
+38ix.Mary SCOTT.
+39x.Calvin J. SCOTT.
40xi.Wilson SCOTT was born in Knox County, TN.


I am specifically looking for the ancestors of Aquilla's Sr. and Jr. and the
names of their first wives.

Aquilla Jr is my ancestor. I found an unsubstantiated reference that He was
b. 1781 in PA. There is also a possibility that his first wife was married
before him to a man named Ditson, because I have a reference to a Sally
Ditson who was supposed to be his step-daughter and a half sister to his
daughters by his first wife.

I have more on this family and would be happy to share.

Rebecca Kern-Lipe
Personal Genealogy Page

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