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Subject: Re: Hurley
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 11:32:12 -0700 (MST)

The Hurleys

Some Miscellaneous information, gleaned from Easter Shore Mags and other
sources. If you have an interest, I will try to find out more about any
listed individual.

NameBirth dateDeath dateSpouseBirth location

(?)HurleyAbt 1836Insley, Margaret
Hurley, (?)Adams, Rachel
Hurley, (?)Adams, Rose
Hurley, Abel1837
Hurley, Abel1841
Hurley, AlexanderAbt 1830
Hurley, Alexander H.1820Fleming, Sarah Jane
Hurley, Alexander H.Abt 1850
Hurley, Alford1819
Hurley, AlfordAbt 1842Beard, ElizabethDorchester Co., Md.
Hurley, Alfred1820Alice
Hurley, Algernon1787September 1847Mary
Hurley, Algernon1821A., Mary
Hurley, Alice1865Sayers, A. (Dr.)
Hurley, Alice E.1860Andrews, Francis E.
Hurley, Annie B.1867Gilliss, George B.
Hurley, Arianna1851McCready, Thomas B.
Hurley, Arietta1845
Hurley, Arley J.1896
Hurley, Asa1815Elizabeth
Hurley, AsaMay 1839December 29, 1901Nancy
Hurley, Atthey1843
Hurley, Azariah1824
Hurley, Bathany E.1850
Hurley, Bayard1833
Hurley, BetseyJuly 04, 1789
Hurley, Brannock1825
Hurley, Brice A.1900
Hurley, Cain1802Priscilla
Hurley, Caroline1846
Hurley, Catherine1842
Hurley, Charles A.1830
Hurley, Christopher C.1849Willey, Joanna
Hurley, Clara C.1862Brinsfield, Houston D.
Hurley, Clarinda1841
Hurley, Clinton1840
Hurley, Columbus1848
Hurley, ComfortAbt 1780
Hurley, Constant1819Willey, Mary
Hurley, ConstantineAbt 1779Eliza
Hurley, ConstantineNovember 19, 1794
Hurley, CurbyAbt 1772Muriain, Nancy
Hurley, DanielCorsey, Ellen
Hurley, Daniel1840
Hurley, Daniel W.1851Horseman, Levinia R.
Hurley, Darcey F.1903
Hurley, David1824
Hurley, Dennis1805Margaret
Hurley, Dorothy A.1845Stewart, James E.
Hurley, EbenAbt 1814Hurley, Leah
Hurley, Edward A.1844
Hurley, ElijahAbt 1780Hurley, Polly
Hurley, ElijahAbt 1784Mary
Hurley, Elijah1815Sarah
Hurley, Elijah1848
Hurley, Elijah K.September 15, 1799Sarah
Hurley, Elijah K.1861Horsman, Mary E.
Hurley, Elizabeth1832
Hurley, Elizabeth A.1852Bramble, Joseph
Hurley, Elizabeth A.1853Wroten, Marion L.
Hurley, ElkanahDecember 20, 1794
Hurley, Ella1851Webster, Daniel
Hurley, Ellen1842
Hurley, EllenderAbt 1820McCollister, Zorababel
Hurley, Elornora1867Lankford, Luther J.
Hurley, Emanuel1832
Hurley, EmelineAbt 1828Neal, D. W. (Major)
Hurley, EmilyMay 27, 1853August 29, 1935Goslin, Thomas J.
Hurley, Emily I.1828Hurley, James
Hurley, Emily J.1854Goslin, Thomas J.
Hurley, Fannie J.1841Bramble, Jeremiah
Hurley, Fanny1800
Hurley, Frances1839
Hurley, Galtura1847Hurley, Silas H.
Hurley, Gatsy1840
Hurley, GattyAugust 10, 1793
Hurley, Geneva M.1902
Hurley, GeorgeAbt 1772Milars, Sarah
Hurley, George1810Shady
Hurley, GeorgeAbt 1819Beard, Sarah
Hurley, George1844
Hurley, George W.1840
Hurley, Griffin1814
Hurley, H. D.Abt 1840Hurley, Margaret A.
Hurley, H. Emily1852Henry, William H.
Hurley, Handy1835Lankford, Kate
Hurley, HannahFebruary 21, 1801
Hurley, Hannah1829
Hurley, Harriet A.1855Horner, Lewis A.
Hurley, HarriottApril 16, 1799
Hurley, HennySeptember 11, 1801
Hurley, Henrietta1863Turner, Daniel H.
Hurley, Henry1856Horseman, Elizabeth
Hurley, Henry D.1831
Hurley, Hercelia1848Robinson, W. I.
Hurley, Hester A. R.1837
Hurley, Horace1842
Hurley, HoraceAbt 1850Fisher, Alwilah
Hurley, Houston1839Sarah
Hurley, Houston1844
Hurley, Hutson1810Margaret
Hurley, Ida1854Lord, William L.
Hurley, Isiah1837
Hurley, IssacAbt 1774McReady, Sally
Hurley, J. F.Abt 1865Bradley, Sarah
Hurley, Jackson A.1857Henry, Elizabeth E.
Hurley, Jacob
Hurley, JacobAbt 1751Luranna
Hurley, JamesOctober 27, 1826
Hurley, JamesSeptember 27, 1799
Hurley, JamesMarch 30, 1801Dorchester Co., Md.
Hurley, James1819
Hurley, James1824Susan
Hurley, James1839Hurley, Emily I.
Hurley, JaneOctober 06, 1802
Hurley, Jane1834
Hurley, Jane1838
Hurley, Jane1844
Hurley, Jane1849
Hurley, JarrodAbt 1848
Hurley, JasonDecember 04, 1802
Hurley, Jemima1848
Hurley, Jemina1848Rawley, James
Hurley, Jenkins1815Matilda
Hurley, Jenkins1852Henry, Laura R.
Hurley, Jennie E.1854LeCompte, Joseph A.
Hurley, JobAbt 1772Dyal, Polly
Hurley, JobAbt 1774Mary
Hurley, Job1797
Hurley, Job1825Nicey
Hurley, Job1834
Hurley, Job1839
Hurley, Joel GriffinAbt 1815McCready, Sarah J.
Hurley, Joel H.1850Hurley, Olivia A.
Hurley, JohnAbt 1781Hardin, Saley
Hurley, JohnFebruary 17, 1793Beard, Margaret
Hurley, JohnAbt 1800Hurley, Kitty
Hurley, John1805Elizabeth
Hurley, John1835
Hurley, John1840
Hurley, John1849
Hurley, John G.1858Fountain, Mary
Hurley, John PriceJuly 07, 1904August 11, 1904
Hurley, John S.1850Windsor, Rebecca E.
Hurley, JolaAbt 1759Hurley, Levin Frank
Hurley, JosephAbt 1773Langfitt, Elizabeth
Hurley, JosephAbt 1776Kizziah
Hurley, JosephAbt 1780Booze, Mary (Slacum)
Hurley, JosephAbt 1780Nancy
Hurley, JosephJune 22, 1796
Hurley, Joseph1805A., Julia
Hurley, Joseph1816Caroline
Hurley, Joseph1853July 03, 1908
Hurley, Josephine1858Gray, Alexander W.
Hurley, Joshua
Hurley, JoshuaAbt 1773Staplefil, Polly
Hurley, Joshua1850Hurley, Martha E.
Hurley, Josiah1824
Hurley, Josiah1832
Hurley, Julia A.1823Hart, Edward
Hurley, Julia A.Abt 1848Hart, Edward
Hurley, Juliann1843Hurley, Silas H.
Hurley, Kendall1845
Hurley, KesiahJune 04, 1800
Hurley, Kirby1836
Hurley, KitturahMarch 28, 1798
Hurley, KittyFebruary 04, 1800Hurley, John
Hurley, Lacy1834
Hurley, Lacy1848
Hurley, Lafayette1834
Hurley, Laura E.1844Davenport, Joseph M.
Hurley, Laurann1834
Hurley, LeahMarch 14, 1771
Hurley, LeahAbt 1814Hurley, Eben
Hurley, Lelia B.1898
Hurley, Levenia1843
Hurley, Levi1833
Hurley, LevinAbt 1781Walters, Mary
Hurley, Levin1846
Hurley, Levin1862Octavia
Hurley, Levin Frank1844December 14, 1913Hurley, Jola
Hurley, Lily FlorenceAugust 19, 1880
Hurley, Lizzie Jane1857Hurley, Noah
Hurley, Lorenzo1835
Hurley, Louisa1849Willey, Jacob
Hurley, LoveyMarch 01, 1802
Hurley, Lucille M.1911
Hurley, Lucy1851Willey, John A.
Hurley, Luranor1780Gray, Archibald
Hurley, Luther1850
Hurley, MajorMarch 13, 1773
Hurley, Margaret1838
Hurley, Margaret A.Abt 1842Hurley, H. D.
Hurley, MariaJune 18, 1792
Hurley, Mark H.1847
Hurley, Marrie Lela LouisaAugust 19, 1880
Hurley, Martha E.Hurley, Joshua
Hurley, Martina1850Willey, William H.
Hurley, MaryDecember 09, 1804
Hurley, Mary1840
Hurley, Mary1842
Hurley, Mary1843
Hurley, Mary1844
Hurley, Mary1848
Hurley, Mary E.July 25, 1814Severs, John Peck
Hurley, Mary E.1829
Hurley, Mary E.1845
Hurley, Mary E.1848
Hurley, Mary E.1849Webb, R. Watson
Hurley, Mary E.Abt 1850Horseman, William W.
Hurley, Mary E.1850Lewis, Manning
Hurley, Mary ElizabethAbt 1848(?)Webb
Hurley, Mary Jane1856Bassett, Thomas
Hurley, Mary P.1837Mobray, Peter A.
Hurley, Mary VirginiaAbt 1859October 04, 1934Percy, Joseph Bestpitch
Hurley, McLain W.1868A., Olevia
Hurley, Melissa1848Fisher, Sidney M.
Hurley, MichaelAugust 08, 1799
Hurley, Milcah A.1847Merrick, Wilson
Hurley, Milkey E.1836
Hurley, Miranda J.1841Larramore, William B. M. L.
Hurley, Mister1841
Hurley, Mollie V.1860Percy, Joseph B.
Hurley, Nancy1848
Hurley, Napoleon1838
Hurley, NewtonAbt 1798Moore, Mary Ann
Hurley, NewtonAbt 1814Hughes, Margaret
Hurley, Newton1843
Hurley, NoahSeptember 25, 1801
Hurley, Noah1843Dayton, Matilda E. F.
Hurley, Noah1844Hurley, Lizzie Jane
Hurley, Olivia A.1861Hurley, Joel H.
Hurley, PatrickAbt 1779Walter, Milcah
Hurley, PeggyJuly 15, 1801
Hurley, PheneaJanuary 23, 1802
Hurley, PollyAbt 1780Hurley, Elijah
Hurley, Rachel J.1853Good, James V.
Hurley, RhodyApril 13, 1799
Hurley, RichardMarch 25, 1797
Hurley, Richard1820Louisa
Hurley, RichardAbt 1845McNamara, Elizabeth
Hurley, Robert1835
Hurley, Robert1839
Hurley, Robert L. W.February 11, 1860May 12, 1909A., Laura
Hurley, Robert M. B.1845Webb, Annie E.
Hurley, RogerAbt 1780
Hurley, Rolly1840
Hurley, Rose Ann1852Elliott, Thomas
Hurley, Roseann1842
Hurley, Samuel1820Ann
Hurley, Sante1830
Hurley, SarahNovember 10, 1793
Hurley, Sarah1846
Hurley, Sarah C.1848
Hurley, Sarah E.1843
Hurley, Sarah EugeniaLeCompte, Joseph
Hurley, Sarah M.1855Hurley, William F.
Hurley, Silas H.1845Hurley, Galtura
Hurley, Silvester1825
Hurley, Socrates1834
Hurley, Sophia1845
Hurley, SpencerMarch 13, 1845
Hurley, StephenMarch 28, 1798
Hurley, Susan1839
Hurley, Tammy1848
Hurley, Tamsey1798
Hurley, Temply J.1844Hughes, John W.
Hurley, Thomas1847
Hurley, Thomas C.1830Bradley, Harriet E.
Hurley, Thomas H.
Hurley, Thomas H.1832
Hurley, Thomas J.1841Guttridge, Elizabeth
Hurley, Thompson W.1824
Hurley, Tighman1812Rachel
Hurley, Timothy
Hurley, Turpin1818
Hurley, UriahFebruary 28, 1823May 11, 1888Bespitch, Sarah Ann Elizabeth
Dorchester County
Hurley, Uriah1828
Hurley, Uriah1835Johnson, Caroline
Hurley, Virginia1844
Hurley, Wade Hamilton1877December 21, 1900Reed, Eliza
Hurley, Walter J.March 19, 1870August 24, 1952Dorchester Co., Md.
Hurley, WashingtonAugust 10, 1800
Hurley, Westley1838
Hurley, Willard C.1864
Hurley, WilliamAbt 1773Jemima
Hurley, William1803Henrietta
Hurley, WilliamSeptember 15, 1804
Hurley, William1850
Hurley, William C.1834
Hurley, William F.1850Hurley, Sarah M.
Hurley, William H.1845
Hurley, William J.Abt 1830
Hurley, William ThomasAbt 1830
Hurley, William W.1828
Hurley, William Y.1832
Hurley, Willie Ann1853Condon, Robert H.
Hurley, Winfield1840Adams, Mary E.
Hurley, Winfield H.1846Adams, Mary E.
Hurley, Zantippe1838
Hurley, ZebulonAbt 1780Rhoda
Hurley, ZecheusDecember 07, 1802
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