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From: Ron Massey <>
Subject: Re: [LDR] It's my research and you can't see it!!!
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 22:41:12 -0400

Hi Tim -

OOPS! Ya got me wrong!! It's a bum rap!! <g>

I didn't mean to say that I insist on reciprocity at all! Let me try to
make my position on sharing clearer. I believe that I have a
responsibility to the memories of the people about whom I have uncovered
information to share that information with anyone who asks. It doesn't
matter to me if they can provide me with information or not. If I have
information that someone else can use, I'm glad to share it. The only
condition that I have ever attached to this is to ask a few times that the
person to whom I am sending information reimburse me for copying costs when
a large number of pages were involved. Now that most of my sharing is done
over the internet, copying costs aren't involved.

You are absolutely right that when I was new at this "game," many people
shared their information with me long before I was in a position to help
them at all. Now after all these years it is wonderfully rewarding to be
able to help "newbies" the way I was helped.

I hope this clears things up. Best of luck in your own searching. What
Eastern Shore lines are you pursuing?

Ron Massey

At 09:23 PM 9/15/99 -0500, you wrote:
>To Ron Massey:
>I am now confused by your comments. Your latest comments to Carol Gettings
>you indicated you share information. But in your your first comments, you
>led me to think that you were unwilling to share your information unless the
>other person had information to share with you. ("[W]e have no obligation to
>share all of our hard work with folks who have nothing to share in return.")
>And if the other person was new to geneology, they would probably have
>nothing worth sharing with you. So therefore, you will not share with new
>people. Did I miss something in your logic?
>I am one of those hypothetical new geneologists just learning the ropes, and
>have been lurking on the fringes of this list group for only a month or so.
>However, I am already finding the help provided by others invaluable. I
>rarely ask others for a handout, but prefer direction, feedback and
>thoughtful advice on what I am searching for. I have already found out that
>the joy in this hobby is not the accumulation of information, but the joy of
>finding it, putting the puzzle together. Of course we must verify whenever
>and where ever possible, any good research (social) scientiest will want to
>do that. But verifying information isn't the end all to this
>profession/hobby, is it?
>It distresses me to see comments made by very knowledgable geneologists like
>you that you don't want to share with those who have no new information. I
>would suspect that you had some very nice people in your past you helped
>you. I see lists like this one to be large support groups; we certainly
>create no new original information by being on the list. We only help
>oursleves by helping others (by sharing). So why join it if you are
>unwilling to share?
>Sorry this got so long, had to get this off my chest.
>Tim Givan
>P.S. My prayers go to all in Floyd's path. Hang on and hunker down.
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