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Subject: [LDR] Thanks & my Ratledge/Passwater in MD
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2000 18:54:48 EST

Thanks all for the help in navigating the MD Archives site, I did figure it
out - what fun reading.

I'm still looking for the records on the Thomas Passwater probate which would
have been between 1673 and 1733 in Somerset Co., MD. I did not find the
Passwater or Edward Ratledge/Rutledge in any of the MD archives.

Led by the clue in Ruth Dryden's "Calvert Papers - Rent Rolls of Somerset
Co., MD 1663-1723" pg. 14 . .
200 acres Cattle Haven - 5 Apr 1673 - Henry Haman, Wicomico 100 on S. side
of Rokiawalkin River. Possessed by Ed. Ruttledge in right of Passwaters
orphans. (Where did she find this info????)

I started looking for any mention of the above people or places and found out
that the land was called "Castle Haven" originally warranted to Henry
Hayman/Hammond in 1673. In her book "Land Records of Wicomico Co., MD
1666-1810" Ruth Dryden tracks the actual land and who owned the different
plantations. On pg. 58
"Castle Haven" Patented 15 Apr 1673 by Henry Hayman - 200 ac on S.side of the
Wicomico River. He sold to Cornelius Anderson who sold it to Thomas
Passwater. (No date given for last transaction). 31 Aug 1733 Jonas
Passwater,of Kent Co., DE (heir of Thomas, sold to Alexander Fullerton.

I found the deed for the sale of this land by Jonas Passwater in Somerset
Co.,MD Deed Rec - Liber AZ, pg. 107-108 (Film 0014365) This wonderful deed
dated 31 Aug 1733, traces the land "Castle Heavon" back to a Wm. Hayman
(surveyed by Francis Jenkins). For 3000 lbs of Tobacco, Hayman sold to
Cornelius Anderson and he then sold to Thomas Passwaters for 4000 lbs of
tobacco. Now in this 1733 deed, Jonas Passwater of Kent Co., DE "being the
undoubted undefuted rightfull hair of his father, Thomas Passwater, deceased"
sold this land to Alexander Fullerton for 2000 lbs of tobacco.

I haven't found the date yet when Thomas Passwater purchased this land, nor
when he died. Obviously it was later than the 1673 date. There must be a
probate record of some sort indicating why Edward Ruttledge was given the
guardianship of these "Passwater orphans". I believe this is Edward Ratledge
who appears by 1717 in Murderkill Hundred in Kent Co., DE land records and
tax records. Jonas Passwater lived adj. to him on land owned by Thomas
Blackshare Sr. and Jonas' probate dated 1749 in Kent Co., DE admin. by James
Darling. It seems likely that Edward Ratledge took Jonas Passwater and
siblings? with him to Kent Co., DE. There are other Passwater that show up
later (1790) in Sussex Co., DE.

The search continues. If anyone has any ideas on this I'd love to hear them.

Pamela Geisler Smith
Gresham, OR on a rainy Saturday

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