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From: John Lyon <>
Subject: Re: [LDR] General Question About Slavery on the Shore
Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 20:55:14 -0400

Message text written by Chip White
>Now that I think about it, we should have on the Count web sites a Slave
>there isn't one already. List the first names along with the owners
surname. There
>wasn't a lot of wills, and most slave names were only listed/recorded via
>letters, notes, etc., etc.,...

One (18th century) Somerset source is the 1723-1759 tax rolls,
which name all slaves. i've used these many times to aid in
distinguishing among families and correlating with deed and
probate records. If you can make the connection back to
the 1750s...

The Somerset Judicial Records also contain a fair number of
references to slaves in various contexts, but these remain pretty
hard to use because so few have been transcribed or abstracted
yet for publication. When slaves do show up, their ages are often
given, which is useful.

Of course, the Deeds also mention individual slave sales often,
but not sales from offshore.

Robyn: as Chip implies, you might be advised to seek any
Waters family papers which may have survived. Prospects
that might take you further are the Special Collections at the
Maryland State Archives (which can be checked on-line at their
Web site), the MD Historical Society (ditto) and the Dryden file
on the Waters family at the Nabb Center.

John Lyon

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