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Dear John:
Welcome to the LDR all the way from the homeland of the shore. Read
your note with interest. It would appear that the south during the Civil
War would have been considered the "solid south" in terms of the move for
secession, however that was not the case. In quite a few states, there was
quite a large percentage of people who opposed the drive for secession.
Most of these, however, once the war broke out fought for and did defend the
south as loyalties to state and neighborhood, etc. were much stronger than
any "national" ties. Still, in many states there remained substantial
numbers of "secret Yankees" or "loyalists" It was based on this belief that
Lincoln put forth the Emancipation Proclomation and it was based on this
that he began formulating his plan for reconstruction after the war
ended--known as the 10% plan.

One of the earliest actions of the war was the Union occupation of the
Lower Shore of Virginia, however, it usually has escaped much attention of
Civil War historians. The lower shore was a strategic point and was a
necessary area to control, if the union was to control the Chesapeake bay
and to enforce the blockade. One of the best books concerning local history
during the Civil War is a book that we carry written by a good friend of
ours, Eric Mills called "Chesapeake Bay in the Civil War" ($29.95) and is as
thorough a history of the shore and the bay during the war as you will find.

Best wishes to you,

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Date: Sunday, December 03, 2000 10:21 PM
Subject: Re: [LDR] Bonnewell

>My name is John Bonnewell. I am new to the list, I live in Kent England.
>I believe I am the last Bonnewell family left in England as most emigrated
>to Accomac Eastern Shore Virginia in the 1650s
>.Does anyone on the list have any knowledge or any information on how I can
>find out if any Bonnewells fought for the Confederacy in The Civil War? I
>told that there may be some that may have fought for the Union. Which I am
>surprised at as Its Virginia! And after seeing the film 'Gettysburg' it
>seems Virginians only fought for the CSA!
>Regards from England
>John Bonnewell
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>Subject: [LDR] Robert/Eleanor Catlin
>> Hi Rooters,
>> Does anyone have any information on Robert/Eleanor Catlin? They are, we
>> think, the mother and father of Julia Catlin of Somerset Co. In one of
>> my records it states: :Elijah Brittingham bought from Benjamin Blades 25
>> acres that Blades had purchased from Eleanor Catlin (widow of Robert
>> Catlin and probably the mother of Elijah's first wife", Wor deeds EDM1:
>> 347. Elijah married Julia Sept 30, 1828, so Julia would have been born
>> abt 1800/05. They had two girls, of which one married Thomas
>> Brittingham and the other's whereabouts is unkn in 1864.
>> Any help would be appreciated............
>> Joanie
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