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From: Jan Roggy <>
Subject: Re: [LDR] MD photographers Pocomo and Crisfield-Tilghman
Date: Wed, 07 Aug 2002 06:36:03 -0500
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I am curious about this chair. If I was to send you a copy of my
grandparents's photo with a heavy ornate chair, would you be able to
compare this chair and tell me if it could possibly be that same one?
That might help me prove a connection to Crisfield. I know that my
grandfather (Hezekiah Covington Elliott, better known as H.C. or Captn.
Hezzie) used to take his boat from Calvert Co. Md and cross the bay to
visit his family at Crisfield & Tilghman's Island there on the Eastern
shore of Md. I have found that his grandfather Abel Elliott came from
Elliott Island, Dorchester Co. to Solomons Island, Calvert Co., ca.
1850. This was a large family, and I have not been able to connect to
all of the siblings. I especially have not found out who it was that
"PopPop" used to visit in Crisfield. He faithfully visited some family
there every year, but no one knows who it was, as he had 2 brothers, one
deceased at that time and the other lived there in Calvert. I was told
by a neighbor of my grandparents, that my grandfather always spoke of
having a sister who was "disowned" by the family. Possibly back in those
days, they would be shamed by an unwed pregnancy and would have sent her
away had she become pregnant? Perhaps this was who my grandparents
visited. They both passed away without me finding out the answers
unfortunately. I have no clue, but am looking for any connection to my
Elliott family. The photo of my grandparents has hung on the wall of
their home forever it seems. Mom died at age 65 and she said it was
there as long as she could remember. My "pop" was born in 1883, and they
were married in 1915, so I assume it is their wedding picture. I just
have a copy of it, I don't have the actual photo. Was this photographer
in business about that time? I know that I can't send an attachment thru
the list, but would someone be willing to look at this photo and compare
this chair for me? I would be thrilled to share information with any
Elliott, Covington, Muir or Parks line from this area.
Jan Rutledge Roggy from northwestern Illinois, with all my ties in

RF Miller wrote:
> Nancy,
> The photographer E.J. Harris was Edwin Jones Harris (1878-1961). He was married to Mary Elizabeth Gibbons, my paternal grandmother's sister. Ned Harris had a studio in Pocomoke City (which is likely where that heavily ornate chair was--seems to be "stock" in Uncle Ned's photos that I've seen) but he went around to farms to take photos of families also. I do not recall ever visiting Uncle Ned but I remember his two daughters fairly well as my father took me with him when he went to visit. One lived in Chester, PA and the other lived in Baltimore, both unmarried and now deceased.
> Becky
> Nancy & David Lindoth wrote:I have recently come into the ownership of multiple photo's from the son of
> Clarence Tilghman b 8 Oct 1877 in Snow Hill MD to the parents of David Right
> TILGHMAN and Ocea JONES. Clarence was my grandfather.He and is ancestors
> can be found in "Tillman and other Related Familes" by Stephen Tillman of
> Chevy Chase MD 1962
> One of the photo's (On postcard stock) was imprinted E J Harris Pocomo, MD.I
> believe the subject is Clarence as a young child. He is standing in an
> extraordinary, heavily ornate chair.
> The second photo is annotated on the back "Miss Anna Tilghman" - According
> to Tillman ........My grandfather had a sister named Annie Drummond Tilghman
> b 8 Oct 1879.. This photo is a portrait in oval shape on dark card stock
> (not post card stock) and imprinted in the right side "Tilghman Arts Studio,
> Crisfield MD.
> Does anyone know in what years these photo studio's were in business?
> Were any of the records saved and archived anywhere?
> Is anyone out there researching other members of this family?
> additional siblings from "Tillman...." include
> Horace McKnight Tilghman b 21 May 1870
> Bertie Lee Tilghman b 2 April 1874 m.. a Streves or Shreves
> Norman Chestnut Tilghman b 29 Dec 1876
> Annie Drummond Tilghman m. Sylvester Purnell
> David Henry Tilghman b 1 December 1882.
> Does anyone know of other publications that may have been done to update the
> 1962 printing of the Tilghman/Tillman family?
> Thank you in advance for any assistance that you can lend.
> Nancy (Tilghman) Lindroth
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