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From: John Lyon <>
Subject: [LDR] MD Archive CD's New I think
Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 18:58:20 -0400

Message text written by Liz <>
>Hi I just noticed that Md archives will now scan microfilms onto CD's that
one can read on one's computer for $40.00 per reel. I happened to glance
at the land records for Somerset Cty. and you get a lot of years on one CD!
<snip> listed with a lot of numbers like Accession No.: CR 31,807. One
reel is CR 31 and lots of difference numbers appear after the comma - they
are just locater on the reel numbers - that means that everything listed as
CR 31 (no matter what numbers come after the comma) is on one reel. Liz


No. CR is the record series. The five digit number is the reel number,
typically a film of one volume of land records, a couple or three years or
so. CR 34,360 covers 1665-1668 only, for example, and is what you get a CD
of for $40. You are imagining an almost free ride.

I've just passed on Neil's complaint about the delays to the Archives.
This is, of course, no surprise. They remain very shorthanded and are not
being allowed to fill vacancies left by any departing employees. The
Archives staff to field requests, etc. is now about a third of what it was
several years ago. Complaints at least can be added to the arguments for
relief in hiring.

John Lyon

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