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From: "Jacque-Lynne Schulman" <>
Subject: Watercourses in Deeds/patents
Date: Mon, 3 May 2004 18:41:34 -0400
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Rivers should be better than "the tall tree near the flat rock" BUT as
development changes water flows, etc. creeks and runs (a favored expression
in Virginia) that had perennial flow three hundred years ago, may be
seasonal now or in some concrete culvert out of view. This is certainly the
case in Fairfax County and other parts of northern Virginia where runs are a
staple of even county boundary lines.

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Subject: Re: [LDR] Where's West? Watercourses in Deeds/patents

I am finding this whole discussion absolutely fascinating. Using waterways
is far better than "the two locust poles" I often have to deal with.

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